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Protecting the Value of Your Brand – Article

Posted by ipelton on: November 30th, 2009

A brief article by yours truly was recently published by the Association of Shareware Professionals:

EMP Article – PROTECTING THE VALUE OF YOUR BRAND (click link to launch PDF)

In a nutshell: Because your brand is critical to success, protecting your brand name is a necessary and
valuable investment in the vitality of your product.

If you belong to an association or organization that could benefit from IP tips, please let me know – emp (at) tm4smallbiz (dot) com.

Thanksgiving trademarks

Posted by ipelton on: November 26th, 2009

A few fun trademarks related to Thanksgiving:

  • THANKS-A-LATTEIssuing gift certificates which may then be redeemed for goods or services
  • THANKSJIBBING Ski and snowboard resort services; Promoting and conducting skiing and snowboarding exhibitions and competitions; promoting and conducting musical and live entertainment performances; entertainment services, namely personal appearances by sports and entertainment industry celebrities; restaurant services; booking temporary lodging and lift ticket packages
  • TOFURKYfoods, namely, soy and wheat based meat and game substitutes
  • AMERICA’S THANKSGIVING PARADEOrganizing community festivals, namely, parades
  • PILGRIM’S PRIDE. EAT WELL.Wholesale food distributorships featuring poultry and poultry products
  • PILGRIM – computer software, namely, for the collecting, tracking and management of quality data in service and manufacturing industries; computer training in the use and operation of computer software for collecting, tracking and management of quality data in service and manufacturing industries; computer software installation services
  • MR. TURKEY – Fresh and Frozen Turkey Products-Namely, Whole Turkey Toms and Hens, Whole Turkey Hams, Turkey Thighs, Boneless Young Turkey, Turkey Breast, Barbecued Turkey Breast, Smoked Turkey Breast, Turkey Smoked Sausage, Turkey Breakfast Sausage, Turkey Rolls, Ground Turkey, Turkey Franks, Turkey Necks, Turkey Polska Kielbasa, Turkey Patties, Cured Turkey Thigh Meat, Turkey Salami, Turkey Pastrami, Turkey Breast Slices, Turkey Ham Slices, Turkey Bologna, Smoked Turkey Ham, Turkey Loaf, Canadian Breakfast Ham

May your Thanksgiving be filled with family and good food.

Latest branding zone – iPhone app logos

Posted by ipelton on: November 26th, 2009

iPhone apps are the hot new commodity in recent months.  And the more goods apps there are, the greater the demand for the iPhone which in turn fuels more need for apps.  (As noted consultant Alan Weiss says, this is an example of creating “reciprocating, exponential value.”)

With each app, a key ingredient is the logo. The “canvas” for these logos is identical and small, a little square that shows up in the iPhone menu as the sole indicator of what applications are available to choose, and as part of the listing in the iTune application store.

The New York Times on Sundays has been running a series of iPhone app-based ads for months.  The most recent ad (below) reinforces the value of a logo that (1) identifies a brand and (2) communicates something about the brand.

iPphone ad

Most of these logos are immediately recognizable by today’s consumer – Starbucks, CNN, facebook, Target, NY Times, Pizza Hut, Gap.  There is no question what you will be getting if you use that application.  A powerful message contained inside of a box the size of a thumb nail.  I have heard from more than one software developer that an iPhone app name and logo that fits the small space is one of their key objectives – it may be just as important as whether the application functions are useful.  Because a great application that noone knows about or uses is not very useful for the company which created it.

Lesson: The iPhone apps demonstrate that a logo can communicate a lot in a small space.

King of trademarks: NASCAR

Posted by ipelton on: November 24th, 2009

NASCAR crowned its champion for the year this week.  Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson on his 4th consecutive championship. NASCAR is the king of trademarks.   The entire sport is fueled by brands, many of them in the auto industry, but many of them from other industries.

A sampling of Jimmie Johnson related trademarks:

  • The championship is the Sprint Cup (formerly the Winston Cup for many years)
  • Every driver is known by his car number. When they switch cars – which are owned by team owners, not individual drivers, it can be a big deal.
  • LOWE’S is his main sponsor
  • Uniforms and cars are emblazoned with many logos for brands
  • This Jimmy Johnson collectible license plate contains no at least a dozen trademarks:

  • JIMMIE JOHNSON signature
  • 48 number –
  • 48 number logo –
  • Chevy logo
  • LOWE’S name -
  • LOWE’S logo –
  • NASCAR name –
  • NASCAR logo –
  • 3M logo –
  • EA logo –
  • 76 logo –
  • WM logo (Waste Management)

When it comes to logos and trademarks, no one does it better than NASCAR.  They understand that advertisers fund and “fuel” the sport, and they take care of their advertisers and sponsors by promoting them relentlessly.

Lessons: When you are selling a persona or a character, you can protect a lot – name, signature, number, etc.  And when you rely on sponsorship to keep you in business, frequently and properly using their trademarks is a win-win for everyone.

Recent trademark registrations

Posted by ipelton on: November 14th, 2009

Here is another sampling of some recent registrations our clients have received from the USPTO, so readers can see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected. (These are all public records – click on trademark name or logo to view USPTO records.)

  • MEDEX PACK – Paper box packaging used for dispensing labeled plastic film pouches containing pills and pharmaceuticals
  • MEDEX PACK Logo – Paper box packaging used for dispensing labeled plastic film pouches containing pills and pharmaceuticals

  • THE PATH TO CHANGE BEGINS AT YOUR DOOR – Educational services, namely, conducting informal programs in the fields of sustainable living, organic foods and gardening, homesteading, the environment, and conservation, using on-line activities and interactive exhibits; entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring photographic, audio and video featuring sustainable living, organic foods and gardening, homesteading, the environment, and conservation; on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring sustainable living, organic foods and gardening, homesteading, the environment, and conservation
  • CARDIACT – Medical diagnostic testing and reporting services; analysis of questionnaires on health issues for others
  • 5 HONORS logo – Clothing and apparel, namely, shirts and underwear

  • SI COMPONENTS – Downloadable computer software for design and development of multi-lingual software, namely, software authoring tools, software development tools, editors, compilers, and libraries; Downloadable computer software for managing, enhancing, and speeding up software design tasks
  • SMART DIARY – Computer software and downloadable software featuring calendar management and organization, personal information management, schedule and task management, and health and nutrition information and management
  • WE EQUATE OUR SUCCESS BY YOUR RECOVERY – General construction contracting; disaster recovery services in the nature of building construction, repair and renovation consultation; structural building repair services; restoration in the field of buildings; building demolition and debris removal; cleaning services in the field of water damage restoration of buildings, namely, water removal and drying; restoration in the field of paper documents

So far in 2009, more than 145 registrations have been received by our clients!