Coke bottle – Most famous trademark in the world?

Posted by ipelton on: December 29th, 2009

I just purchased this week a new 2-liter Coca-Cola bottle in the shape of its well known smaller bottles.  This is part of a new promotion by Coke to capitalize on the recognition and brand power contained in the contour shape of the bottle.  Few if any brands are more known world-wide than Coke and its bottle.  I once heard a story that the only term more known world-wide than “Coke” is “OK.”

The Coke bottle design was introduced decades ago.   The bottle shape has been a registered trademark since 1977.  That’s right, a shape of a package or produce can be produced as a trademark, to the extent the shape is not functional.


– Coke registered bottle shape (

LESSON: Anything that distinguishes your products and services from those of your competitors – a name, logo, slogan, color, sound, or shape – may be a trademark and may be registered.  To make your brand stand out, make everything about it as unique as possible, and protect it!

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