‘Super’ trademark roster for Sunday’s game

Posted by admin on: February 4th, 2011

Sunday is the Super Bowl®. In addition to the football game, Super Bowl Sunday is all about brands – teams, television networks, advertisers, celebrities, and more.

For this year’s game, here is a lineup of some of valuable and important trademarks that will be on display Sunday (click trademarks or images for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records):

NFL trademarks:

Packers Themed Trademarks:

Steelers Themed Trademarks:

Halftime Trademarks:

Broadcast Trademarks:

Player Trademarks:

  • Shockingly, I only found one player in the game with any trademark registrations or applications. Troy Polamalu has four pending applications, here are 2 of them:

Advertiser Trademarks: (based on this list of likely advertisers from Ad Age)

Have fun watching the game. And look out for all the trademarks, they will be everywhere!

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