THE LITTE CITY® (Falls Church, Virginia)

Posted by admin on: June 10th, 2011

The Falls Church Economic Development Authority has partnered with local intellectual property attorney Erik Pelton to obtain trademark protection for the city’s THE LITTLE CITY® slogan and logos.  “We are proud to be a part of this exciting campaign to raise the visibility of Falls Church as a strong and vibrant community,” said Mr. Pelton.

The Little City® brand is protected by three U.S. trademark registrations:

THE LITTLE CITY® (standard characters) (Registration No. 3856394)

(black and white logo) (Registration No. 3856465)

(color logo) (Registration No. 3856409)

THE LITTLE CITY® is a branding campaign developed by Falls Church marketing firm SmithGifford Communications. The campaign was featured in publicity for the 24th annual Washington Area Music Awards, known as “the WAMMIES,” and its 2010 awards show co-hosted by Kojo Nnamdi. According to Mr. Pelton, as the city encourages local businesses and residents to embrace and promote the new slogan, trademark protection becomes increasingly important. “There is only one ‘Big Apple’, and now there will be only one place known as ‘The Little City,’” he said.

Since filing to register the trademarks, EMP&A has also advised the City Economic Development Authority regarding proper usage of its trademarks.

EMP&A will be working with the Falls Church Economic Development Authority at the 2011 Trademark Expo held by the USPTO on its campus to exhibit information about THE LITTLE CITY® trademark and about other city slogan trademarks around the country.

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