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Trademarks can allow you to see what others are up to in their business. Competitors. Or just interesting people and businesses.

A recent search for marks owned by Beyonce’s company, BGK Trademark Holdings, LLC, shows that several new filings embrace her role as a mother and as wife (to Jay-Z). Beyonce is extremely successful as a musical artist and brand, as is her husband. And her brand now appears to be taking a shift to reflect the changes in her personal life.

Here recent filings include [click marks to open USPTO records]

I found these filings interesting.



Great brand names and slogans are everywhere: examples

Posted by ipelton on: June 25th, 2013

Great name and slogans and logos can be found anywhere, in any field of business. I was reminded of this fact this weekend when I drove past a car with a big stick on the back advertising the fly fishing guide services of “Ms. Guided.” What a simple, witty, and fun name! (And note – I generally despise the trend of naming service business Mr. — or Dr. —-.)

And it turns out that Ms. Guided also has a great slogan: Don’t be misled when you can be Ms. Guided!

FireShot Screen Capture #203 - 'Ms_ Guided Fly Fishing I Don't be misled, when you can be Ms_ Guided_' - msguidedflyfishing_net_home

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Some recent examples of my “pins”

Last week, the Miami Heat won the NBA championship for the second year in a row. So if they were to win again next year, it would be three in a row. A potential “threepeat!”  Just don’t make a tee shirt about it – unless you have permission from Pat Riley.

Riley, former Lakers, Knicks, and Heat coach is now the team President for the Heat. And he registered the THREEPEAT trademark for clothing in 1988. And he currently owns the following USPTO trademark registrations [click marks for USPTO records]?

  • THREEPEAT – registered for hats, jackets, shrits
  • 3 PEAT – registered for jewelry
  • THREE-PEAT – registered for collector plates, mugs and tankards
  • THREE PEAT – registered for bumper stickers, decals, paper pennants, paperweights, posters and trading cards

Note that someone else has recently filed to register 3-HEAT for athletic apparel.




Anatomy of great branding: Men’s Wearhouse

Posted by ipelton on: June 21st, 2013

News broke this week that the board of directors of The Men’s Wearhouse, Inc. is ousting its founder and president, George Zimmer. For several decades, Men’s Wearhouse has been  a great brand with terrific advertising.

Here is why Men’s Wearhouse is a great brand:

In addition, Zimmer’s image or likeness is also a registered trademark owned by himself (see below for image from the USPTO registration)

Overall, the brand is clean, creative, and easy to understand. And that is why it has been a terrific brand…. I guarantee it!

Trademark image

[Click links above for USPTO records]

Many trademark firms have not even registered their logos or their brand names. Many do not have slogans, or have not registered them. But I like to practice what I preach.

How many trademark attorneys can say they own 10 US trademark registrations? At least one!  SOFTMWARE® is now registered along with my slogans, brand names (newsletter, website, blog titles, logo, slogan, app name, and more). Of course, quantity is different from quality. More is not necessarily better. But as a trademark attorney advising brand owners to protect their names, logos, slogans and more, I believe it is extremely important that I heed my own advice, and register the brands I create and use.

PS – to learn more about SOFTMWARE, which lets anyone create an account to monitor the status of their trademark application and others at the USPTO, see here.