Middle school students understand the value of branding

Posted by ipelton on: August 1st, 2013

This spring, I had the opportunity and pleasure to be a judge of a business competition at the local middle school. Students from other classes, as well as the judges, received some fake spending money to use at the stands set up by the students in the competition.

The students in the competition put together small stands to sell their wares.  Many of the stands had bland names that were very descriptive or used the name of the stand operator, like “”Dan’s Fudge.” But some of them had very catchy brand names:

  • “Hot Dog Game” – for a basketball shooting game
  • “Sweet Treats” – for chocolate bananas
  • “Smartsie Artsies” – handmade headbands and crafts
  • “Frosty Paws” – ice cream
  • “Hon Hon Crepes” – featuring a French accent/character at the stand

These middle school students with creative business names understand the power of a creative and memorable branding. Do you?

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