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Recent Client Trademark Registrations LXXI

Posted by ipelton on: October 28th, 2014

The following is another update of recent Erik M. Pelton & Associates client registrations obtained from the public records so readers can see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected – and the wide range of variety in brand names, logos, products and services. [Click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in a new window]

  • WHERE SCIENCE MEETS SPIRIT – Providing a website featuring information in the field of personal growth; consulting in the field of personal growth featuring self improvement, law of attraction, and spirituality
  • Trademark image- Photography services
  • GPL – Entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting paintball matches, paintball tournaments, and live paintball exhibitions
  • MI UNIVERSIDAD – Educational services, namely, providing courses of instruction at the college and post-secondary educational levels and providing online learning instruction at the college and post-secondary educational levels
  • TALENT BENCHSTRENGTH – consulting in the field of business, business succession, and talent management and review
  • RECLINER COMFORT FOAM – Non-orthopedic footwear insoles and inserts for cushioning
  • ANIMOBY – Mobile software for creating and sending lessons, presentations, voice recordings, audio, images, illustrations to others and via social networks
  • GONE MAD – Apparel, namely, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, pants, shorts
  • SALES YOGA – Downloadable audio recordings and video recordings in the field of sales and business; audio recordings and video recordings in the field of sales and business recorded on digital media
  • PETALS ‘N QUOTES – Greeting Cards
  • CROSS-STAR MINISTRIES – Bible study guides; flash cards, namely, scripture memorization cards; note cards, namely, prayer cards
  • ONEWAY TRAILERS – Transportation brokering, namely, matching truck operators and truck drivers to reposition trailers
  • HERBAL RESPIRATORY – Dietary Supplement
  • CASHTAG – Online social networking; providing on-line computer databases and on-line searchable databases in the field of social networking
  • YACHT3D – computer graphics design services


One of the most popular interviews I ever did was a podcast with Cartess Ross of T Shirt Riches about protecting t shirt brands and designs.

INTERVIEW: Protecting Your Brand and T-shirt Designs

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For more about T Shirt Riches, see


Selecting and Protecting your Brand

Posted by ipelton on: November 15th, 2011

Why are trademarks such valuable assets to businesses? What types of trademarks are effective? How are trademarks protected and registered? How do domain names affect trademarks? Why use an attorney to protect your trademark?

Learn about these subjects and more in an audio interview with associate Mark Donahey on the “Solo Talk” radio program hosted by Donna Amos

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I was recently interviewed by Linda Popky, the president of Leverage2Market Associates, on her “Marketing Thought Leadership” podcast. We discussed several topics including the practical and legal elements of a strong brand, with tips for proper trademark usage and for generating new brad names. 

Does your company have a strong brand? If yes, are you using and protecting it properly? If not, would you like to create one? Listen for some ideas and and tips….

Disclosure: L2M Associates, Inc. d/b/a Leverage2Market Associates is a client of our firm.

Here is the audio from the podcast:

I was recently interviewed by technology consultant – and president of CB Software Systems, Inc.Chad Barr. We discussed the importance for consultants and other professionals to protect their brands and their content.