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This year was the first time that the local paper, the Falls Church News-Press, included a lawyer category in their annual “Best of” voting. I am humbled to have been recognized. Thank you to everyone who voted online.

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Erik Pelton quoted in the New York Times

Posted by ipelton on: September 29th, 2011

Today’s New York Times (online and on the first page of the Business section) features an article about a small business taking on a Proctor & Gamble in a trademark dispute. The article features a quote from yours truly!

“The big corporations often send these cease-and-desist letters and issue threats regardless of the merits of the claims,” said Erik M. Pelton, a trademark lawyer in Alexandria, Va. “They then use their endless resources and legal firepower to get the result they want: the small businesses often go away because they can’t afford to fight back.”

Read the full article here.

Do you think “Willa” has a good claim that it is not likely to be confused with “Wella”? Leave a comment!

A Start-Up Takes On Procter & Gamble Over a Name - NYTimes_com

New York Times - September 29, 2011


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