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Great trademarks in Orange County, CA – a photo journal

Posted by ipelton on: December 5th, 2014

On a recent business trip to Orange County, California, I was pleasantly surprised to find a plethora of creative brand names and logos!

Some favorites:

  • Makin’ Waves hair salon
  • BomBurger
  • Super Hero‘s sandwiches
  • nekter juice bar
  • the John Wayne Airport logo

And did you know that SURF CITY U.S.A. is a registered trademark of Huntington Beach?

2014 Trademark Expo – a photo journal

Posted by ipelton on: October 23rd, 2014

Last week, I visited the USPTO’s National Trademark Expo. I had a great time visiting with exhibitors, USPTO staff, and friends. Full disclosure: I have represented three of the exhibitors in trademark matters before the USPTO: Volcom, The Little City, and 10,000 Cranes.

Here are some photos of the fun!


Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending the dedication in Washington, DC of the AMERICAN VETERAN’S DISABLED FOR LIFE MEMORIAL®. I was very special to see several trademarks that I helped to register on stage with the President of the United States! But of course the much more important part of the dedication and the memorial was the message it sends to our veterans and to our country as a whole.

An official White House photo (by Chuck Kennedy) of the President speaking at the dedication:

President Barack Obama delivers remarks during the dedication ceremony of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

Here are some photos of the event, and the trademarks, that I took:

photo 3

photo 32





And here are the President’s full remarks:

When traveling to New York City, I generally take the train. Last week was one such opportunity. The Amtrak terminal is in Penn Station below Madison Square Garden. Penn Station is full of a lot of things – vibrancy, trash, people, and more. And it is also full of trademark lessons. On just one hallway as you approach the Amtrak section of the station, there the following trademark lessons:


- Alliteration: PRIMO! CAPPUCINO

- Descriptive: WirelessToGo

- Telescoping words: PERFUMANIA

As you can imagine, the pun, the alliteration and the telescoping word all are creative and original sounding; WirelessToGo is none of these.

The pun, the alliteration and the telescoping word are catchy and memorable; WirelessToGo is not.

The pun, the alliteration, and the telescoping words are capable of strong trademark protection, WirelessToGo is not.

Three of these Penn Station stores have terrific brand names, and one does not.






New Belgium brewery trademarks – a photo journal

Posted by ipelton on: August 7th, 2014

Earlier this summer, I traveled to Colorado. While their, I had the opportunity to tour the New Belgium brewery. The tour – and the beer – was terrific. And so many trademarks! Not just New Belgium beer names, but equipment models and ingredients too.

The New Belgium logo can be found all over town – especially on bicycle racks the brew pub has partnered with the city on – in Fort Collins.

Mark Image

Here are some photos of the trademarks I found:

Note that New Belgium has NOT filed to protect the configuration and trade dress of its tap handles, which I believe are rather distinctive.