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Trademark protection for food truck operators

Posted by ipelton on: March 22nd, 2016

Trademark protection is important and valuable for all brands, and for all small businesses. Yet. food trucks have a heightened need to proper trademark protection. Why is it so important?

– The industry and booming and growing rapidly with lots of new brand names being developed every month.

– There have been many instances where food truck operators have used names too similar to those of existing restaurant or other food trucks/carts. See several examples in my slides below.

– Food trucks are generally very local businesses. Therefore, without USPTO registration the food truck brand is only protected in the local geographic area where it operates and not anywhere else in the US. Federal registration provides protection in all 50 states, which is important not only to avoid confusion online and on social media, but for potential expansion, licensing, and/or franchising.

– Social media user names and domain names are particularly valuable in the food truck business since a great deal of customers track the locations online. Trademark protection can help avoid and/or solve domain name trademark issues.

– The cost of rebranding a food truck can be enough to crush a business. Repainting or re-wrapping a truck is not cheap. And the loss of customer loyalty due to a re-branding is a real possibility.

Trademark protection for food trucks by Erik Pelton

Last week I spoke at the 2012 ITECHLAW conference in Washington, DC.  My presentation covered recent developments in internet and intellectual property law in the United States related to:

  • CopyrightsITechLaw - International Technology Law Association
  • Trademarks
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Keywords
  • Legislation
See below for the slides from my presentation. 

Anatomy of a Trademark Expo exhibit

Posted by ipelton on: October 24th, 2011

I was privileged to work with a client, the City of Falls Church (THE LITTLE CITY®), to produce and host an exhibit as this year’s 2011 National Trademark Expo last week. The event was a tremendous success for all involved. Visitors had a great time and learned about trademarks. The USPTO showed off its headquarters, its role in registering and protecting trademarks and its talented and generous staff. Exhibitors got to interact with attendees, other exhibitors, and USPTO staff. 

So what happens at the Trademark Expo? Here is a brief summary:

– More than 25 booths were selected from applications to participate. They represented associations, government organizations, and brand owners. Many booths provided information about the brand and how the trademarks are used – and why trademark protection is significant to the brand,

– The USPTO is decorated with banners, balloons, and a variety of large displays about trademark topics including 100 year old trademarks; the evolution of several well known logos; and the differences between trademarks, copyrights, and patents,

– An opening ceremony featured a performance from Chubby Checker and Max Impact (the U.S. Air Force rock band), and speeches by Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office David Kappos and Commissioner for Trademark Deborah Cohn,

– Appearances by a variety of costumed characters including the Pink Panther, The Hungry Caterpillar, Popeye and Olive Oyl, and the Geico Gecko,

– Information sessions about trademark registration , counterfeiting, and more,

– A USPTO booth on sound trademarks,

– Story time for children featuring some of the costumed characters,

– A reception for exhibitors and PTO staff involved in the Expo (at the “Trademark Bar” in a nearby hotel!),

and much more.

The City of Falls Church booth showcased the promotional slogan THE LITTLE CITY® which was registered last year. Our booth included a slideshow (see below), a registration certificate, many examples of how The Little City® logo is used around town – including on new parking signs and a variety of posters and banners. We distributed stickers and restaurant guides featuring the logo as well as a children’s activity booklet containing games about places and trademarks (see below).

Here are some pictures of the booth along with some of the materials displayed at the both:


Commissioner Cohn visits with Erik Pelton and THE LITTLE CITY® booth at the 2011 National Trademark Expo

View more presentations from erikpelton
View more presentations from erikpelton.

Social Media Risks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, OH MY!

Posted by admin on: February 5th, 2011

Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about social media risks and legal implications. I have spoken to audiences on the subject several times in the last year. The risks are significant, but common sense and forethought can deal with many of them.  Some of the risks include:

• Content posted by company contradicts company policy
• Employee using social media embarrasses company
• Social media used by employee to violate someone else’s intellectual property
• Social medial as evidence in a future legal case
• Social media improperly in employment decisions
• Social media results in leak of confidential information
• Company’s intellectual property misused
• Followers of social media page unclear if source is personal or company
• Attorney client privilege destroyed
• Privacy rights waived
• Employee or company violates terms of use of social media site
• No written or clear policy dealing with social media usage
• No written or clear policy covering use of employer’s communications equipment

Here are the audio and slides from my presentation last year at the NAPBS Mid-Year Meeting:

AUDIO: Social Media Risks: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, Oh My!

[slideshare id=5594800&doc=microsoftpowerpoint-napbs2010-peltonsocialmedia-finalcompatibilitymode-101028070712-phpapp01]

Trademark Strategies for 2012: Is There an App for That?

Posted by admin on: February 2nd, 2011

Here are the slides from my Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentation given at the ABA Business Law Sections’s Cyberspace Institute last week.  If you would like a copy via email or would like the handout materials containing more details on the issues and cases discussed, email me via

[slideshare id=6745003&doc=peltoncyberspaceinstitute-jan2011-final-110129085230-phpapp01]