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The USPTO announced last week, at the TPAC meeting, that it will begin sending notices via email to trademark registrants about upcoming deadlines for Section 8 declarations of continued use (due between the 5th and 6th anniversary of the registration) and Section 9 renewals (due every 10 years after registration).

Since these renewals will be sent via email, trademark registrants can only receive them if they have a valid email address on file with the USPTO.

The USPTO’s formal announcement is here: USPTO to Issue Courtesy Email Reminders of Registration Maintenance Filing Deadlines

TIP: Trademark registrants who obtained a USPTO trademark registration without having counsel, it would be wise to check the TSDR records and make sure that the correspondence information lists a valid email address. If no email address is listed, Registrants can file a “Change of Correspondence Address” electronically with the USPTO to include an email address and to check the box authorizing email communications.


I recently rode my bicycle past the Jonathan Adler store in Georgetown. The windows of the home furnishings and pottery store feature great slogans that are memorable and fun!

“where lonely sofas meet perky pillows”


“you 24-hour pot dealer”

image from


Tip: Got a great slogan? Want to make sure others can’t use it? Register it with the USPTO!

Thankfully, the application was also abandoned by the Association. There was quite a firestorm at the end of August as it became known that the ALS Association filed to register ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE as trademarks with the USPTO. I was certainly quite critical of the association (See blog, Washington Post, LA Times.)

It has now come to my attention that the Association also applied, on the same day in August, to register #IceBucketChallenge (Serial No. 86375299) and #ALSIceBucketChallenge (Serial No. 86375307) trademarks for use in commerce with “charitable fundraising.” These applicatoins are even more shocking as they were an even more bold attempt to control what was a publicly created grass-roots movement, phrase and phenomenon. These application were also abandoned after the public backlash on September 1st.

I hope that the ALS Association will fully investigate whose decision it was to file the four trademark applications. Did the ALS Association believe that it could stop others from using the hashtag?


FireShot Screen Capture #172 - 'Homepage - ALS Association' - www_alsa_orgfor more about ALS and the ALS Association, see

Recent Client Trademark Registrations LXVI

Posted by ipelton on: April 22nd, 2014

Here is another update of recent client registrations from the public records for readers to see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected [click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in a new window]:

  • Trademark image – Frozen yogurt and ice cream shop services
  • CORDARO FIT – Physical fitness training, instruction and classes
  • RELUCIR – facial washes; skin and facial cleansers; skin and facial soaps
  • WEIRD SPORTS – on-line retail store services featuring photographs and books
  • SUMMIT INN – Hotel Services
  • Trademark image  – Hotel Services
  • BRIGHTLIFE DIRECT – Mail order catalog services featuring compression hosiery, athletic braces, hosiery, footwear, back care items, foot care items, and body care items; online retail store services featuring compression hosiery, athletic braces, hosiery, footwear, back care items, foot care items, and body care items
  • ASIAN EFFICIENCY – Downloadable electronic newsletters delivered by email on the subjects of time management, personal and business productivity, personal technology and self-development
  • ASIAN EFFICIENCY PREMIUM – Downloadable electronic newsletters delivered by email on the subjects of time management, personal and business productivity, personal technology and self-development
  • NAKED CLUB – Social club services, namely, organizing social events for club members; photography and video production services for nudist events; special event planning for social entertainment purposes for nudist groups; entertainment services, namely, providing a website featuring non-downloadable photographs and videos of nudist events




Nontraditional trademarks: Holograms

Posted by ipelton on: March 3rd, 2014

Did you know that holograms can function as trademarks?

Anything that indicates the source of goods or services is capable of being a trademark. Like the hologram at the bottom right corner of this hockey trading card from Upper Deck.

I found the following hologram marks among those registered with the USPTO [click images for USPTO records]:

  •  Mark Image – computer network services, namely, authentication services using holographic overlays, holograms and three dimensional (3-D) markings for electronic documents, e-mail, webpages and websites [Description: The mark consists of gray and silver numbers "0" and "1" to form a geometric rectangular shape with gray and silver letters "A U T H", the overall mark impression is a holographic hologram. The color white represents the background.]
  • Trademark image- Trading cards [Description: The mark consists of a hologram in a miscellaneous shape comprising the outline of a rectangle imposed on a diamond geometric shape, the design element in the party's Upper Deck logo. The content of the hologram is not claimed as a feature of the mark.]
  • Mark Image – Purses; Handbags; Backpacks; Rucksacks; School bags; Briefcases; Suitcases; Fur; Clothing for domestic pets; Umbrellas [Description: The mark consists of hexagonal or beehive main patterns with occasional six-pointed stars spread in an alternate mode. Other six-pointed small stars are placed within the occasional stars. Each nodal point of the patterns is thick-dotted. Another set of hexagonal or beehive shade patterns are spread in multi-lined hatching mode and overlapped in contract to the main patterns. The shade patterns are crossed over with the main patterns such that the main patterns also forms cubic hologram images]
  • Trademark image – Pharmaceutical prescription pads [Description: The mark consists of a shield in the form of a hologram, the wording/letters appear from left to right in green, purple, orange, yellow, blue and silver. The background of the shield is in silver.]
  • Trademark image – Charge card and credit card services [Description: The mark consists in part of a hologram image in the center of the mark.]