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Here are the recent USPTO filing statistics through September 30, 2014, the end of FY2014:


New trademark application filings at the USPTO:

3rd Quarter of 2014: 83,001 new applications filed

First three quarters of 2014: 252, 284 applications filed

FY2014 (October 1 2013 through September 30, 2014): 330,760 applications filed


3rd quarter of 2013: 82,473 applications filed

First 3 quarters of 2013: 247,388 applications filed


[Note: All data retrieved via TESS search on on July 8, 2014]

Last month, the FTC announced a warning, and tips, regarding government imposter scams.  A related FTC webpage features some good information for identifying such scams, and for how to report them.

Unfortunately, the FTC posts don’t reference scams targeting trademark owners based on the USPTO’s public records. These scams, for international registries and other worthless services, request large sums of money be wired to the offering party. And the solicitation is often made to mimic government correspondence.

While the USPTO did go after one such scam operator in the last few years, it is a shame that the USPTO and the FTC have not done more.

If you are interested in the topic, please contact the USPTO and/or the FTC.  You can sign my petition (Request USPTO Investigation and Action Regarding Trademark Scams) here.

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Here are the recent USPTO filing statistics through the first half of 2014:


New trademark application filings at the USPTO:

First half of 2014: 165,934 new applications filed (approximately a 4% increase over the same time period last year)

First half of 2013: 159,812 new applications filed

First half of 2012: 163,219 new applications filed

First half of 2011: 157,235 new applications filed


Last half of 2013: 160, 246 new applications filed


April – June of 2014: 83,963 new applications filed

April – June of 2013: 81,009 new applications filed

April – June of 2012: 82,370 new applications filed

April – June of 2011: 80,310 new applications filed


[Note: All data retrieved via TESS search on on July 8, 2014]

Comments of Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC regarding the USPTO’s Request Comments on Trademark Applications and Renewals – Reduction of Fees.

For details on the USPTO’s request for comments, see Federal Register notice here.

PELTON – Comments on TM Fee Reduction 2014

TPAC Meeting Summary – June 2014

Posted by ipelton on: June 24th, 2014

NOTE 1 – I used to title these blog posts regarding “Quarterly” meetings, but during the last 18 months or so the TPAC committee meetings have been held three times a year, not four.  (See meeting archives here.)

NOTE 2 – The USPTO seeks nominations for its Patent and Trademark Advisory Committees. See USPTO Press Release 14-19 here.

The Trademark Public Advisory Committee (TPAC) met at the USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, VA last week on Friday, June 20, 2014.  The handouts from the meeting are at the bottom of the post. Below is a summary of the key points discussed at the meeting:

The next meeting of TPAC will be Thursday October 16, 2014, the day before the 2014 USPTO Trademark Expo.

Legislative Update – Dana Robert Colarulli, Office of Government Affairs Director

  • While there have been a variety of IP bills put forward and hearings held, it is unlikely that much or anything will happen this year due to the Congressional elections in the fall.

Budget Update – Tony Scardino, CFO

  • Total trademark financial collections are up from FY 2013 and in the range predicted for FY 2014.
  • USPTO currently seeking comments on its proposal to reduce certain fees. Final rule is expected to be public in October 2015, and to be implemented in January 2015.

Trademark Operations Update – Deborah Cohn, Commissioner for Trademarks

  • USPTO currently has 433 trademark examiners, with a total of 407.6 Full-Time-Equivalent positions.
  • USPTO expects to hire 30-35 new trademark examiners next fiscal year.
  • TMEP was updated in April, and includes among the updates a much more detailed section on trade dress (TMEP Sect. 1202.2(b)).
  • The Section 8 specimen pilot test is almost complete. A “surprising number” of registrants when challenged about use of all their goods/services deleted some of them.
  • USPTO held a roundtable recently on amendments to identifications due to changing technology evolution,and will likely propose to permit a small number of changes but must balance the public having full notice of the registered goods/services. USPTO will be seeking comments on its proposal soon.
  • The “Timeout” period for TESS users was recently increased from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • The USPTO is working on being able to send out Section 8 reminder emails to registrants on the first day of the 5th year following the registration.

TTAB Update – Gerard Rogers, Chief Administrative Judge

  • Filings have increased over FY 2013 — in particular Petitions to Cancel rose 12.7%
  • Pendency has been reduced  in most areas.
  • New “Deputy Chief Administrative Judge” position has been created and the position should be filled over the summer.
  • TTAB has funding to hire several new judges in its budget for next fiscal year.
  • Judge Rogers did not comment on the recent Redskins decision since the case may be appealed.
  • TTAB will likely hold a roundtable in the fall on regarding the possibility of leveraging some of the ACR efficiencies into the rules for all cases.
  • TBMP update will be published in the next month or so.

TPAC June 2014 Packet