July 2018

Is your summer speeding by too? We have sure been busy here at the firm - with the welcome of a new associate, two hearings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, weekly podcasts, and a slew of new videos. All that on top of our usual flow of trademark searches, applications, registrations, and renewals (and watching some World Cup games).

But we couldn't be happier to be helping so many businesses and entrepreneurs obtain quality trademark guidance for a flat fee, and to see our clients grow and succeed in a plethora of industries.

There is still plenty of summer left, which sounds good to me!

Differences between patents, trademarks, and copyrights
A patent generally protects inventions while a copyright protects an original work of creativity. List to hear more details and the key distinctions.

 Tricks of the Trade(mark) podcast

Trademark Owners Must Stay Vigilant for Scams

Is your brand strong and protected? Is it vulnerable? Is your ability to stop potential infringers limited? Use the Brand Strength Grid below to see where your brand fits. The best brands are creative, unique (in the industry) and registered with the USPTO.

World Cup was full of trademarks

On Sunday, France beat Croatia for the World Cup in soccer (football?!). Many trademarks were on display - perhaps none more prominently than this design on the adidas soccer ball.

The logo on the french uniforms is registered with the USPTO by  the 'Fédération Française de Football association' for a wide variety of goods and services:

The Croatia coat of arms is protected at the USPTO under international treaty in all categories of goods and services:

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, owns nearly 50 US trademark registrations. Many of them are for WORLD CUP brands.

WORLD CUP 2018 has been registered at the USPTO since 2013. The goods and services featured in the registration are too long to list here, but they include:
  • artificial sweeteners
  • Personal diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes, namely, ear thermometers
  • hydraulic energy transmission oils and fluids
  • condoms
WORLD CUP (without the year) is also registered.

The Russia 2018 logo is registered too, also for a huge list of items.

And yes, WORLD CUP 2022  is already a pending application at the USPTO. And USA 2026 was filed by FIFA last August.

I was honored to be named to the District of Columbia Pro Bono Honor roll (for 2017) last month, for the fifth year in a row. The honor roll recognized attorneys who have contributed fifty hours or more of pro bono work to those who cannot afford legal counsel.

"We salute you for using your talents and expertise to help those unable to afford an attorney, to ensure that they too have equal access to justice. Your compassion and dedication, as evidenced by your pro bono service, have helped to level the playing field."

If there are any topics or issues you would like to see covered here, let us know!

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