March 2019

3,000. In baseball, 3,000 hits is a significant number; only 32 players have ever achieved that number and it is generally considered a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame. Why? Because the number indicates consistent performance over a long period of time. 

I have just achieve 3,000 registrations attached to my name in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records. It took nearly 20 years to get there! I am honored that so many businesses have placed their trust in my work to help protect their brand. I don't believe that many other small firm attorneys have achieved this milestone. 

In order to celebrate the milestone, I am providing a brand new offering at a greatly reduced rate of $3,000 per year to first 10 who take advantage of it: a Platinum Protection Package consisting of
  • 6 trademark application filings (excl. gov. fees)
  • 2 international trademark application filings (excl. gov. fees)
  • 10 
    knock out trademark searches
  • 6 cease and desist letters, responses, or social media takedown requests
  • quarterly brand strategy session (30 min.)
  • review of trademark/IP provisions in up to 5 contracts or agreements with employees, contractors, or others
[This package is easily worth more than $20,000 - the application filings alone are worth more than double the fee.] 

I look forward to working on the next 3,000 registrations!

The Differences Between Boring vs Bold Brands

Bold names have many advantages over boring ones, as seen in this graphic.

Documenting the key events associated with a trademark

For brand owners, it is important and valuable to document several key steps in the brand development and launch process. Doing so can save tremendous hassles and/or costs later on in the registration process or in the event of a dispute.
Documenting the following, with relevant dates, is recommended:
  • Creation or selection of the name;
  • Intent to use the name with a product or service (business plans, steps to research and plan offering of particular goods or services in connection with the name);
  • Commencing public use of the name (advertising, webpages, presentations, trade shows, etc); and
  • First sales of the goods or services using the trademark.

KISS band trademarks

Did you know that the band KISS® owns a large portfolio of trademarks, and how that can relate to your trademarks? 

Read the recent Wall Street Journal interview with Gene Simmons referenced here.

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