July 2019

More and more commerce crosses international borders. In recent years, the number of clients who have worked with use to seek international trademark registration in other countries has grown considerably.  Our clients have filed trademark applications on six continents! If your business does significant or important commerce in another country, it is important to consider trademark protection abroad - your rights in the US do not give you rights elsewhere.

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Five things my top clients have in common

Learn from the best as former USPTO examiner Erik Pelton shares the trademark practices and habits of top clients.

Five Things My Top Trademark Clients Have in Common

Great brand name tools

These tools are often used to build creative and bold brands with strong legal protection:


"Influencers" are everywhere these days; the term's usage has grown exponentially. Everyone wants to be an influencer, a fast-growing trend, which is easily substantiated by the trademark database search. In this short podcast, I discuss this and other recent trademark trends:

Believe it or not, I began blogging on my IPelton blog more than 10 years ago! The first posts were in June of 2009. See here.

On the blog, you can search the archives in the bar on the right of the screen - there are hundreds of posts and articles about trademark protection, trademark registration, branding, and more. One of my first posts, 5 quick tips for protecting your brand, is still accurate and important and a decade later and one of my favorites!

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