August 2019

Even after 20 years in business, my associates and I continue to lay the groundwork for the future, planting seeds for future growth, while continuing our mission of Making trademarks bloom since 1999®. We do this in a variety of ways:

While we at EMPA&A stay focused in the present - with more than 100 registrations received from the USPTO for our clients already this year - we also prepare for the future.

What are you doing in your business to prepare for the future? Do it include ensuring your trademarks and intellectual property are protected? 

What are the "classes" of goods or services
in trademark application?

Did you know that there are 34 classes for products and goods and 11 for services when it comes to registering trademarks at the USPTO? In this podcast Erik explains what these classes are all about.

Five Tips to Improve Your Trademark Application Odds

Five Tips to Improve Your Trademark Application Odds
Watch to learn about improving the odds at the USPTO.

The WALKMAN turns 40

The Sony WALKMAN recently celebrated its 40th birthday! I remember my yellow portable cassette player with headphone very fondly. The Wall Street Journal recently had a fascinating story about where the name came from:

Our firm recently succeeding in overcoming refusals from the USTO in a variety of applications, including in two appeal cases. One such case, for the KP QUIK STOP logo, was written about on the TTABlog here.

Erik's efforts to combat scammers targeting trademark owners was also written about recently by IPProUSPTO issues warning on fake 'official-looking office solicitations'.

If there are any topics or issues you would like to see covered here, let us know!

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