January 2020

According to public records, the USPTO received 485,444 new trademark applications in 2019. This is a  record for the number of US applications filed in a year, and represents an increase of approximately 5.8% over 2018's number. 2018 had been the previous record number of applications.

The growth from 2018 to 2019 was approximately 4%, so the rate of increase actually grew last year, despite a new rule that went into effect in August 2019 requiring foreign applications to have US counsel that undoubtedly has some effect on the number of foreign applicants.  2019 also appears to have been a record year for the number of registrations issued: 312,117.

As a result, there are more registered trademarks than ever before, and more users of the USPTO online systems. These are some of the reasons that registration today is more valuable than ever before, because a registration in the database does work for the owner 24/7, 365 days a year when it appears potentially in searches by competitors, new businesses, and USPTO examiners.

If your entire trademark portfolio isn't registered, what are you waiting for?

Great Logos Deserve Great Trademark Protection?

Great logos deserve great trademark protection! Is your logo protected?  These great client logos are among the hundreds of logos that our firm has helped register and protect.

The Trademark Fortress

In this brief video, Erik explains how to ensure a trademark is well protected from any weak link:

The Trademark Fortress

The BackCountry.com Fiaso

Backcountry.com was in the news recently with their bullying behavior and intimidation of smaller companies on specious trademark claims. The backlash has been so tremendous that it actually forced their CEO to apologize publicly for their action. Listen to hear more about some of the lessons to be learned from this case.

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