May 2020

As we continue this journey through uncharted waters amidst the coronavirus pandemic, I hope that this message finds you, your family and colleagues, and your business healthy and well. I have been continuing to adjust to working from home and with my 'team' spread remotely. One silver lining has been getting to see the faces of many clients on Zoom calls that would otherwise have been phone calls!

As a special for my clients and readers, I have just released a free ebook:

8 Tips for the Age of Coronavirus (and Any Challenging Time)

The brief ebook takes the best of what I have learned and observed about brand management in a crisis - from the last few months and from my 20 years of advising and counseling thousands of brands. I hope you find it valuable for managing your business during uneasy and unsteady waters, and that you find something helpful to navigate your brand toward the rainbow at the end of the storm.  To download the PDF, click below.

As a reminder, if you want read more about Building a Bold Brand with over 100 pages packed with tips and tools, I have reduced the Kindle price of my recent book as low as Amazon will permit, to $2.99. You can acquire it here .

And if you want to learn more regarding any particular trademark topics, my large library of videos and podcasts is always available and free.
If you have any questions, email me at erik at erikpelton dot com