February 2021
Creative and bold brands are everywhere. I find them everywhere, almost every two. For example, here are two clever examples I found this week: "Peelz" for citrus and "Clickbait" fishing lures (see below). Do you find interesting brands names too? When looking for a new name, it never seems easy to find a creative spark at first; but finding these creative brands reassures me that great names are always available, in all industries.
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Why Suggestive Brand Names Are the Best
Different types of brand names – like Hotels.com and Travelocity – have different levels of protection. Listen to my recent podcast fore more about the differences in strength of various trademarks, and shares why my favorite brand names are suggestive.
Which trademark or copyright symbol do I use?
One of the most common questions I get is about which symbol to use. Here is a handy cheat sheet I made:
A trademark guide to Super Bowl LV
The Super Bowl may be over, but listen to hear about some of the many brands that were on display.
It has been almost a year since I released my first book in paperback and on Kindle. The response has been overwhelming with hundreds of sales and great reviews. There are two main things that I believe set the book apart from any other book that’s been written on the topic of trademarks and branding. The first is it’s a blend of perspectives. It’s a perspective from a lawyer, for businesses, and about marketing. I bring a unique perspective to this because not only have I worked with thousands of businesses over 20 years, but I myself have grown, built, and run a successful business with numerous trademarks and a strong, recognized brand. This combination of perspectives makes it unique.

Second, the book is packed with specific examples: real world examples, photos, trademarks, and other specifics that I’ve come across want to share with readers. To get your copy, visit Amazon: Building a Bold Brand by Erik M. Pelton
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