November 2021
November is a natural time for us at EMP&A to reflect and be thankful. It is not only Thanksgiving this week, but it was recently Veteran's Day. We strive to take time to give back to our local community and to veteran-owned small businesses, not only in November but throughout the year.

Our team and EMP&A grew this year, and our roster of clients grew as well. We began a new program to pay staff for a day of community service each quarter, and staff used this opportunity to work with several different groups that help feed those in need. I had the chance to work with World Central Kitchen several times, including helping to feed thousands of meals to police officers working overtime (see picture).

And we are continually thankful for our clients, some who just began working with us and others who have entrusted their brand protection to us for years; you make our work enjoyable and rewarding each and every day!

Thank you
The Scents, Sounds, and Shapes of Nontraditional Trademarks
Did you know that the pinstripes of the New York Yankees are a registered trademark? Or that the scent of PlayDoh is protected? Nontraditional trademarks are becoming more prevalent – and also happen to be one of my favorite topics; I've even registered The Nontraditional Trademark Lawyers® as a slogan! Check it my recent video with more on these fun marks below:
How to Use Symbols Properly
There is a lot of confusion about proper usage of the copyright symbol, its benefits, as well as how, when, and why to use it. Learn more in this short video:
With two teenagers in my house, I hear quite a bit about 'influencers.' My daughter and I did some research recently, and can you believe that just one of the top five accounts on TikTok, Charli D'Amelio, has trademark filings?! Given that each one has millions of followers, endorsements, and branded merchandise, this failure to protect their brands is astonishing and a huge risk. Let's hope that their 'influence' doesn't carryover into the field of brand protection!
I had a great discussion recently on the Automation Bridge podcast about the importance of brand protection for both new and existing businesses as they grow. Check it out:
If there are any topics or issues you would like to see covered here, let us know!
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