April 2022
Even with combined experience among our attorneys of more than 30 years in the field of trademarks, we are still learning new things all the time. Sometimes that is from new situations and new clients; sometimes it is from conferences and webinars. For example, lately we've been studying up on NFT and metaverse issues, learning about how they work and the implications for brand owners, and attended our first in person conference in two years earlier this month. We've also been learning about the latest policy changes from the USPTO, international trademark filings, and much more. We keep learning to grow our knowledge, expand our horizons, and help our clients even better.
The golden ratio is an exponential curve which builds on itself and increases infinitely--and has a lot in common with trademark protection. In this video, Erik ruminates on this concept and discusses its correlation to brand protection.
Brand Protection Cheat Sheet
Our new cheat sheet lists the key steps and resources to get started Building a Bold Brand.
The number of trademark applications awaiting review at the USPTO is greater than ever, as you can see in this slide from a USPTO presentation last week. We are seeing many applications take more than 8 months to get an initial review (learn more on why here). That delay may get longer before it gets better given the backlog - but don't let that deter you - more protection generally starts when you begin the application process.
Spring has sprung! We are happy to welcome Associate Attorney Denisse Garcia to the team, and look forward to a year of growth and possibility.
If there are any topics or issues you would like to see covered here, let us know!
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