June 2022
On a recent work trip to NYC, I stumbled across a wonderful local business, a bakery with a marvelous name, Bibble & Sip. Their brand was so creative that I was inspired to make a little video on the spot showing this example; you can see the 1 minute short on my new TikTok account here.
Our summer at EMP&A feels like it has already been full - of work, family time, summer interns, and much more - even though it is still June. I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful summer as well!
...that trademark filings at the USPTO generally track and predict the economy? Erik shares details of a recent published study showing how companies that invest in trademark protection are more likely to show better returns in this video.
Restaurants Need Trademark Protection, Too!
Restaurants are some of the quintessential small business in the U.S., and our firm has worked with hundreds of restaurant clients over the years. Erik explains why trademark protection is so important to restaurants here.
Within days of winning the Kentucky Derby with long-shot odds, the owners of RICH STRIKE wisely filed for trademark protection at the USPTO. Filing sooner is almost always better in the world of trademarks; the longer one waits, the greater the risk that there are other applications that cause problems or refusal.
Summer is in full swing here at EMP&A, and we have more events and activities on the horizon. Here's to working hard, playing hard, and making trademarks bloom!
Our summer interns, Sydney and Rachel (both from GW Law).
We kicked the season off with a fun team happy hour at Top Golf.
Associates Tom and Chelsea attended a Sports IP panel discussion at Nats Park followed by a Nats vs. Braves game.
If there are any topics or issues you would like to see covered here, let us know!
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