July 2022
Over the years I've made hundreds of videos and written thousands of blog posts. The content that consistently gets the most "visits" is my various warning about trademark scams. Each week I get emails, comments, and more from those who thankfully found the warnings; and each week I also get calls and emails from scam recipients who are unsure of what they've received and wonder if it is legit. So, here is another reminder: beware of scammers using the publicly available USPTO information to send offers and invoices that look important, look governmental, and look real. And if you are unsure, visit Is This A Trademark Scam® for more details and examples.
A good slogan can be a tremendous asset for a brand, which means they can—and perhaps should—be protected with trademark registration. Erik shares examples of memorable slogans, and provides tips on how to create and protect one here.
Erik's Top Trademark Tip
Over the years, Erik has shared a bounty of trademark registration tips, but one tip far outweighs all the others. In a recent video, Erik shares why working with an experienced trademark attorney is the most valuable decision you can make when applying to register your brand.
The cannabis industry continues to grow in many states. However, there are nuances to trademark registration for cannabis brands - which makes working with experienced counsel critical for success.
In addition to Making Trademarks Bloom Since 1999 ® for our clients, we love creating content and educating lawyers and businesses on all things trademark. Erik had a great time leading an online course about USPTO trademark office action responses to other attorneys this month, and will be back teaching at Howard University School of Law this fall.
If there are any topics or issues you would like to see covered here, let us know!
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