November 2022

An evergreen trademark topic, unfortunately, is to be careful and on the lookout for scams. Every week, we hear from clients who receive one of the various scams by mail or email contacting trademark applicants and registrants with bogus offers for publication, international protection, or renewal (the dates provided in these renewal scams are wrong). The latest scam even features the USPTO seal and fake USPTO letterhead.

If you ever have a question about a possible scam, please don't hesitate to email use or check our posts at

The 5 Ws of Copyright Registration

What is a copyright registration? Who can register? When should you register? Where is a copyright registered? And finally, why would you want to register? Learn more in this video.

Think Like a USPTO Examiner Does

What does an examiner at the USPTO consider when they review a trademark application? And how does it impact drafting and filing an application to register a trademark? Erik breaks it down here.

The Biggest Change to Trademark

Applications in Many Years

Beginning in December 2022, the USPTO is implementing the most significant change to the trademark application process in many years. For more information on the trademark application process, check out our Trademarkive collection of videos on this critical and complicated topic.

Chelsea (above) and Erik recently had the pleasure of returning to USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, VA for a hearing before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) this month. It was wonderful to be back in person doing what we do best!

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