May 2021
Here in the Washington, DC area, everything has been in full Spring bloom of late. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing (and the cicadas, too!) and the flowers are fragrant.

As you know, we love our slogan "Making trademarks bloom since 1999." And bold brands bloom even better, because they are more creative and more unique, and thus stand apart from the competition and should be entitled to stronger legal protections. This Spring, I realized that bold brands are like bees to pollinate your marketing - they make the marketing stronger and more effective too because it is tied to that creative and strong name. So if you'd like to discuss building - or protecting - a bold brand, let me know.
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Brainstorming a New Name
It's not easy to come up with a great new brand name — one that is bold, unique and protectable. Click here for some tips from Erik.
Dogecoin Craze Leads to Trademark Filings
As with just about any story in the news, trademark filings followed the explosion of attention this year related to Dogecoin cryptocurrency. In fact, more than two dozen DOGE- applications have been filed thus far in 2021, including DOGEBALL, DOGEQUILA, DOGEONAIRES, and SWOLE DOGE.
We recently installed a brand new studio and equipment in our offices for to filming and recording our podcasts and videos. We are dedicated to providing informative resources for all things trademark-related — we are loving our new setup and we hope you enjoy our new and improved content. Check it some the new video content at
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