July 2021
I hope your summer is going well! We've been staying busy with all kinds of work and projects. Don't forget to rest and recharge a bit too - I'm writing from lakeside in New Hampshire!

We've been overwhelmed with great feed back on our recent videos about brand protection, style guides, trademark registration, and more. You can check them out (and 'like' and 'subscribe') at www.erikpelton.tv.
7 Keys to Branding Success
There are seven letters in the word “SUCCESS”, watch as I reveal seven keys to branding success for a business’ trademark. Click here for more details and the accompanying visual.
Decision Tree: Is This a Trademark Scam?
If you receive mail that looks like it is about a trademark application or trademark registration, it could be a scam. There are lots of scams—publications that are worthless, renewal services with erroneous deadlines, and more—that prey on trademark filers. If you have an attorney working on your trademark matters, you should contact them immediately to review any potential scam mail. The decision tree below can help you determine if you're dealing with a scam. For more about trademark scams, see IS THIS A TRADEMARK SCAM?®.
The Trademark Decathlon
With the Olympic Games underway in Tokyo, Erik shares the decathlon of trademark protection – 10 steps to building a strong, protected brand name.
Building a Bold Brand book
Successful brands don’t just appear out of thin air; they must be developed, built, supported, and protected. Click here to get a copy of my book, Building a Bold Brand, that contains tons of brand protection tips.

James - 5.0 out of 5 stars: A must read for anyone considering a TM! The author is a USPTO black belt. This is Important content to consider before applying . Includes case studies, the TM process, and guidance.
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