At EMP&A, we are big believer in practicing what we preach. Not only do we take building and protecting our brand seriously (with more than a dozen trademark registrations of our own), we use copyright notice (see footer, below!) and register copyrights when appropriate. And latest year we began the process to apply for patent registration of the proprietary software we built for managing our files, deadlines, tasks, and much more. We do this for many reasons: because intellectual property protection is important for any business, to lead by example for our clients, and to better understand what our client's go through in the protection process. If you have any questions about your IP protection, let us know at [email protected].

- Erik

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Registration of a trademark with the USPTO serves as both a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher. As a detector, registration helps minimize the chances of an infringement situation, and it also helps extinguish infringements that arise more quickly and easily as Erik discusses in this video.

A recent study, titled Lessons from USPTO Trademark Prosecution Data, using data taken from over four decades of USPTO records, showed that working with an attorney improves the odds of success when applying to register a trademark. Learn more in this video.

This year's Super Bowl featured many trademark stories—from the quarterbacks to the Kelce Brothers—and much more. Erik breaks down the two teams, the players, and their trademarks here.

Behind the Scenes of Our Videos & Podcasts

Have you ever wondered where and how our trademark videos and podcasts are made? Erik takes you on a tour of our in-house recording studio and shares specifics regarding the all of the great equipment we use to make our high-quality content here.

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