Erik & Team

Erik Pelton

Founder and Lead Attorney

Erik is all about energy, whether he’s representing clients, addressing workshop or conference goers, volunteering with Falls Church City’s Economic Development Authority, testing his mettle in a triathlon, drumming up support for charity, or wrangling kids on Bike to School Day. His superpower is making complicated subjects clear, using real-world examples to illustrate his points in an engaging—sometimes-hilarious—way. And as an early-adopter gadget freak, the exploding world of technology and associated intellectual property laws is to Erik familiar and fun rather than intimidating. Erik got his start as a trademark examiner for the USPTO and, in the years since, has grown his law practice with the enduring ideals of customer service, affordability, and clarity. If you’re looking to work with someone who will care about your company brand as passionately as you do, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that Erik also owns several trademark registrations himself, such as IPELTON®, MAKING TRADEMARKS BLOOM SINCE 1999®, and THE NONTRADITIONAL TRADEMARK LAWYERS®? Erik believes that the best advisors must practice what they preach!

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"Erik and his firm have been helping me out since 2008, successfully securing two trademarks for my nonprofit organization, and advising on many trademark related situations. He is extremely knowledgeable, sends out a very informative newsletter, and is very easy to get along with. You won't find a better trademark attorney!"
Kendra J.



A content and joyful life is a balanced life, and Terry takes it to heart. After graduating with a degree in fine art, she took a job with the FBI and, later, with the Federal Court/U.S. Probation Office before settling in as a law firm administrator and paralegal at a large law firm. It was an awesome job but one that didn’t afford her much free time for a life outside of the firm, and Terry needed that time. In addition to creating art, she is a registered paramedic, volunteers at a local trauma ER, teaches CPR, and volunteers with a women’s shelter to provide job skills training. Her job hunt led her to EMP&A, where she and Erik share the same philosophy about prioritizing family and giving back to the community. “It’s a great match, and I love working closely with our clients. What gives me particular joy is sending an email to let them know that their registration certificate is coming—I insert the ® next to their trademark name in the ‘subject’ line, and I wonder how quickly they’ll realize what it means. It may sound quirky, but I love delivering that surprise, even after 10 years at EMP&A.”

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