Podcast Series
Tricks of the Trade(mark)

Tricks of the Trade(mark): Former USPTO examiner Erik Pelton shares tips and experiences drawn from two decades of counseling brands for maximum protection and growth.


Trademark Registration: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

There are numerous benefits to trademark registration. Each is critically important, but when all of them are put together, it creates a trademark fortress. In this episode Erik explains why, when it comes to trademark registration and protection, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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What Happens When Appealing a Trademark Refusal to the TTAB

Every year there are probably hundreds if not thousands of trademark appeals filed. When can you appeal? How long does it take? And why the increase in such appeals. Erik explains the nuts and bolts of appeals to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and explains why the best appeals are planned before the appeal begins.

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The Trademark Scam Decision Tree

Even as the USPTO takes new measures that may help combatting scammers, trademark scams are everywhere. Erik shares a special tool decision tree tool that he has developed to help review whether mail or email is a trademark scam or not. For more about guarding against trademark scams, see www.isthisatrademarkscam.com

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