Podcast Series
Tricks of the Trade(mark)

Tricks of the Trade(mark): Former USPTO examiner Erik Pelton shares tips and experiences drawn from two decades of counseling brands for maximum protection and growth.


Vaccinate Your Brand with Trademark Registration

Just like a vaccine strengthening and boosting your immune system, so does protecting your brand by registering it in the USPTO database. What else can you do to boost your brand protection in this age of the pandemic and beyond? In this episode, Erik injects his insights on how to get better trademark protection.

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5 Trademark Lessons from a Year of Pandemic and Quarantine

The world of trademarks is actually booming since the pandemic began last Spring. Yet so are the trademark scams. In this episode, Erik reflects on the changes and trends from the past year, and why is it more critical than ever to protect your brands and businesses with trademark registration.

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Middle School Career Fair Presentation: trademark attorney

Erik speaks to local middle school students about what practicing trademark law is about, how he got to this point in his career, and why he enjoys doing this work. Erik shares some fun trademark tidbits and explains to the future entrepreneurs why communication, analysis, and marketing are three pillars to his long-term success.

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