Podcast Series
Tricks of the Trade(mark)

Tricks of the Trade(mark): Former USPTO examiner Erik Pelton shares tips and experiences drawn from two decades of counseling brands for maximum protection and growth.


Data Demonstrates the Value of a Trademark Attorney

A recent study, Lessons from USPTO Trademark Prosecution Data, uses data from the USPTO records over four decades to show that working with an attorney improves the odds of success when applying to register a trademark. The full study by Deborah R. Gerhart and Jon J. Lee, published by the International Trademark Association’s Trademark Reporter, is available at https://www.inta.org/wp-content/uploads/public-files/resources/the-trademark-reporter/TMR-Vol-112-No-06_Gerhardt-Lee.pdf.

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Behind the Scenes of Our Trademark Videos and Podcasts

Take a tour to find out how our trademark videos and podcasts are made! Erik shares the video and podcast recording studio details and specifics regarding the camera, microphone, computer, lighting, and other equipment use to make a high-quality podcast and YouTube video channel.

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