Building a Bold Brand
The foundations of trademark protection

Successful brands don’t just appear out of thin air—they must be developed, built, supported, and protected. Today, any business--big or small--can have a strong global presence, whereas in the past, only large companies with deep pockets could afford strong brand development and protection.

Since 1999, I have worked with thousands of small business owners to build and protect their brands. EMP&A has become one of the most recognized brands in the field of trademarks, and I share all my tips and tools in Building a Bold Brand - a single resource created specifically for brand managers and business owners.

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"Erik has an uncanny ability to distill the complex world of trademark down for the entrepreneur. For more than a decade, he’s successfully guided me through everything from registrations to legal disputes."
Paul Geller, CEO, Dialect.NYC
"I’ve relied upon Erik’s sharp guidance for many years. He helped us build several brands, which has helped us to gain recognition in our industry and grow our business. We consider him to be an indispensable partner!” "
Brad Phillips, President, Throughline® Group
"Erik is an exemplary trademark lawyer and his help has been essential to us in building the Lawyerist brand."
Sam Glover, Founder, Lawyerist®

What Makes This Book Different

Listen to Erik discuss what makes this book a unique resource for any business, whether a start-up with a new brand, or established with a growing brand.

Overview of contents

With content is brought to life through shared real-world examples from familiar brands, as well as through actual client success stories.

  • In Part One of Building a Bold Brand, we will cover the fundamentals of choosing a brand name, and we’ll explore and explain the different types of name choices.
  • In Part Two, we’ll take a deep dive into the how and why of the trademark registration process. In Part Three, proper use of a trademark is detailed, along with registration renewals.
  • In Part Four, I cover special considerations for small businesses and a variety of specific industries.
  • Finally, Part Five is a compendium of valuable resources for working with your brand(s).
Building a Bold Brand - Overview

Building a Bold Brand - Short Overview

Why I Wrote Building a Bold Brand

Building a Bold Brand - Behind the Scenes

Building a Bold Brand - What’s Inside

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About the Author

Erik Pelton, founder and lead attorney at Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC (EMP&A), has dedicated his career to making intellectual property protection understandable, accessible, and affordable for businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes and types. Erik got his start as a trademark examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) before launching his own boutique trademark law practice, with the goal of making the process of protecting a company brand easy—whether for a solo practitioner or an international corporation—through the enduring ideals of great customer service, affordability, and clarity.

With 20+ years of experience in the field of trademarks and more than 3,000 trademarks registered, Erik is also intent on sharing his knowledge through workshops, conference speaking engagements, free video tutorials, and a blog that focuses on current issues and cases regarding intellectual property.

Outside of the office, Erik can be found volunteering with the local Economic Development Authority, testing his mettle in a triathlon, drumming up support for charity, or wrangling kids on Bike to School Day. He and his family live in Falls Church, Va.