A tremendous tool in the brand toolkit.

Monitoring is preemptive maintenance of a protected brand through regular searches for possible infringers, and has tremendous benefits when dealt with as quickly as possible. There are different levels of monitoring, from searching the internet and databases for domain names on your own, to hiring an attorney to monitor your brand on your behalf. At EMP&A, we have experience conducting regular monitoring for many successful and growing brands.

Trademark monitoring provides:

  • Peace of mind
  • More protection for your trademark
  • Potential savings when trademark issues are caught early

We offer the following packages:

Monthly Monitoring Package

  • Monthly report searching USPTO, internet, domain names, social media, and more
  • Summary and analysis of monthly report delivered by email – highlighting any items of concern
  • Continued monitoring of concerning findings
  • Proprietary software to track all deadlines and updates, and email automatic status changes
  • Notification of all registration renewal deadlines

PREMIUM Monitoring Package

  • Everything in the Monthly Monitoring Package, PLUS
  • Consultation up to one hour per month on any brand and trademark questions or issues
  • Monthly reports detailing status of all trademark filings
  • Knock-out searches for potential new names (up to 10 per year)
  • Comprehensive searches for new names (up to 5 per year)
  • Send and/or respond to Cease and Desist letters (up to 6 per year)
  • Social media takedown submissions (up to 15 per year)
  • Review of company style guide for trademark compliance
  • Review of website and marketing materials for proper trademark and symbol usage
  • Webinar with company staff to provide more background about trademark protection (1 hour)
  • 25% discount on any new trademark application filings
  • Consultation on international filing strategies
  • Filing for copyright registration (up to 3 per year)
  • Review of intellectual property clauses of employee and contractor agreements

Strengthen Your Brand With Monitoring.

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