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Tricks of the Trade(mark)

Tricks of the Trade(mark): Former USPTO examiner Erik Pelton shares tips and experiences drawn from two decades of counseling brands for maximum protection and growth.


Big Businesses Need Trademark Protection; Small Businesses Need It Even More

A trademark dispute can be tremendously costly and disruptive, especially for small businesses. Reducing the risk of such a dispute is one of the main ways that small businesses can benefit from trademark protection for your business. In this episode, Erik details why trademark protection is even more important for the small businesses that are the lifeblood of our communities and economy.

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Three Mistakes That Can Sink Any Trademark Application

Many trademark applications do not get approved, and often times for reasons that are within the applicant’s control. Listen as Erik explains the three common mistakes that applicants can avoid when applying for trademark registration at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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Influencers Need Trademark Protection Too

Many influencers, despite building huge followings and generating revenue from their brand, have failed to protect some of their most valuable assets. Trademark protection is especially important for social media influencers. In this episode, Erik sheds light on this topic and shares examples why influencers ought to protect their brands.

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