Creative brand names abound, even though it seems hard to create one

I speak with business owners all the time who are in the midst of searching for a new name for their new product or service or business. It always seems so difficult to be creative and find a name that is a "home run" - unique and catchy and in some way related to (suggestive of) the product or service to be sold. I understand that developing a great name is a challenge. But trust me it is worth it! And even though there may be more brand names in use today than ever before (in fact, this seems like it must be true), there are plenty of great brand names being launched every single day.

So don't despair. Don't settle for an average or bland name. Search for inspiration. Brainstorm.

Why go through all the trouble of finding a great name? A creative and unique name is more memorable and more easily protected and enforced, so it forms a much stronger foundation upon which to build the brand and the business.

While it certainly not easy to strike gold when trying to name a brand or product, it is not impossible to find a creative name. In fact, every day the USPTO records are filled with new filings for creative brand names. For example, on just a single day recently, many creative names were filed with the USPTO in trademark applications. Of course, I can't guarantee they are all unique in their industry or going to get approved for registration. On February 6, 2017, the following were filed (click marks for USPTO records):

  • Mark Image- Fishing reels; Fishing rods; Fishing tackle
  • Mark Image- Bottled water; sports drinks; flavored bottled water; energy drinks
  • LUSCIOUS LEGS - Indoor tanning products, namely, non-medicated skin tan darkening lotions and skin moisturizer
  • Mark Image- beer
  • Mark Image- Hunting accessories, namely, big game field dressing kits that include disposable gloves, sanitizing wipes, disposable towels, and tape for tag attachment
  • I SELL SEASHELLS BY THE SEASHORE - clothing including swimwear
  • PUMP ME UP - hair car products, namely powder to add volume and texture to hair
  • Nuclear Option IPA - beer
  • EMOTIONAL JUDO - Downloadable e-books in the fields of personal and self awareness and communication
  • PAW & ORDER DOG TRAINING - dog training
  • WE LAY A GOOD FOUNDATION - cosmetics
  • SNACK ON TRACK - snack foods
  • HATH NO FURY - wine
  • BatteryBoot - Lithium battery for a stand alone voice control information device
  • CAT DIGGITY DOG SALON - dog grooming services
  • CANCER UNWRAPPED - Providing recognition and incentives by the way of awards and contests to demonstrate excellence in the field of creative writing

Great names aren't easy. But they are worthwhile!