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The NFL Properties applied to register the logo below for Boston Redskins in 1994.  On March 15, 1995, the USPTO suspended the application and placed in on hold pending the outcome of the dispute regarding the Washington Redskins trademark commenced in 1992, about whether it should be cancelled from the register because it is disparaging.

Now, the Redskins trademark dispute has finally wound down after 25 years when the Supreme Court in Matal v. Tam struck down the provision of the trademark statute barring disparaging trademarks from registration.

And thus the application for the Boston Redskins on Saturday was removed from suspension more than 22 years later and approved by the USPTO. It will now be published in the public records.

For the full USPTO record, see Serial No. 74494169.

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Trump is not the first to brand ROCKET MAN

Posted by ipelton on: September 24th, 2017

President Trump has taken to calling the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, “Rocket Man.” No doubt, as with any political or pop culture trend lately, several new trademark filings are likely.

But did you know that there are already multiple trademark registrations for ROCKET MAN at the USPTO?

  • ROCKET MAN – registered since 1993 for backpack drink dispensers
  • ROCKET MAN – registered since 1996 for fireworks
  • ROCKET MAN – registered since 2012 for gaming machines
  • Rocketman – registered since May 2017 for Entertainment services, namely, live, televised, documentary and feature film appearances by a professional entertainer; entertainment in the nature of live performances by individual who flies using a propulsion apparatus; entertainment services in the nature of an on-going reality based television program; entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring photographic, audio, video, prose and streamed presentations featuring performances by an individual who flies using a propulsion apparatus
  • ROCKET MAN – registered since August 29, 2017 for Baseball caps; baseball caps and hats; shirts; shirts and short-sleeved shirts; sports bra; sports bras; sports caps and hats; sweat pants; sweat shirts; sweatshirts; underwear; briefs; hooded sweatshirts; hooded sweat shirts; ladies’ underwear; long-sleeved shirts; men’s underwear; short-sleeve shirts; short-sleeved shirts; short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirts; T-shirts; tee shirts; tee-shirts; women’s underwear


Beware of trademark scam from “TM-Edition”

Posted by ipelton on: September 22nd, 2017

Another week, another scam targeting trademark owners! This one has been around for a long time. But I haven’t posted about it recently.

“TM-Edition” charges $1650 for publication, with payment via bank transfer only. In nearly 20 years working in the field of trademarks I have not once seen, nor consulted, the “International Catalogue of Trademarks.” This offer is a joke, it serves no legitimate purpose or benefit for the trademark owner. This publication has no legal or other significance.

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Beware of international trademark scam from IP Direct

Posted by ipelton on: September 18th, 2017

A client forwarded me the scam solicitation received below. The offer came shortly after a Madrid Protocol international trademark filing was made.

The offer is for listing in a directory. A private directory. A worthless directory. They don’t even provide details on the directory or what is in it or how it is accessed. Don’t be taken for this scam to the tune of $2356.00 or 2.356,00 USD.


Lawyers and law firms market their services and firms.

Lawyers and law firms have brand names.

Many lawyers and law firms have logos.

Lawyers and law firms have websites, social media profiles, and more.

Lawyers and law firms have trademarks.

More lawyers and law firms should have USPTO trademark registrations.


Erik discussed all these issues and more in a 2011 podcast with Ed Boll of LawBiz® and the interview is just as relevant today.