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Recent Client Trademark Registrations LXXXIV

Posted by ipelton on: November 24th, 2015

The following is another update of recent Erik M. Pelton & Associates client trademark registrations obtained from the public records of the USPTO so readers can see real  examples of brands and marks which are being protected – and the wide range of variety in brand names, logos, products and services. [Click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in a new window]

  • Trademark image– Business consulting; marketing consulting
  • RAISING THE BARR – Providing on-line newsletters, videos podcasts, and podcasts in the fields of technology, software, marketing, websites, and business
  • CREATING GLOBAL DIGITAL EMPIRES – Business consulting; marketing consulting
  • THE AGILITY ADVANTAGE – Business consulting services in the field of leadership development, business management, business strategy, business adaptability, and business innovation; providing business conferences, namely, arranging and conducting business conferences
  • EXECUTIVE COMMAND CENTER – business consulting services, namely, consulting with companies and businesses to improve performance, productivity, gross profit margins, inventory turns, and customer service
  • Trademark image –  Consulting services for others in the field of design, planning, and implementation project management of scientific research, and clinical trials; research and development of technology in the fields of medicine, medical innovation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; product development in the fields of medicine, medical innovation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • IP LAW BUGLE – non-downloadable electronic newsletters in the field of intellectual property law
  • BRANDS OF EXCELLENCE – Education services, namely, providing seminars and conferences in the field of intellectual property law; Education services, namely, providing non-downloadable webinars in the field of intellectual property law
  • CARIENT HEART AND VASCULAR – Education in the field of cardiology
  • MEAT HERE – Restaurant and bar services
  • HOCKEY NINJA – Online retail store services featuring hockey equipment, visors, and accessories
  • PRAGMATIC TECHNOLOGIES FOR LIFE AND BUSINESS SUCCESS –  On-line journals, namely, blogs in the fields of technology, software, marketing, websites, and business
  • WIRELESS LIVING – Retail and online retail store services featuring products for home audio, video, networking, automation, surveillance, security, HVAC, and lighting
  • SOLTERRA – website hosting; software development; providing software as a service services featuring software for business and data management; providing online non-downloadable software for website content management; cloud hosting provider services
  • SWINE, WINE AND A GOOD TIME! – Restaurant and bar services
  • LEFTY’S –  Energy drinks

Craft beer is a growing industry. It is also an industry with many creative brand names – and many trademark disputes (Monster Beer, Old Ox logo, Solar Abyss, Shorebilly, etc.)

The trademark application filing statistics reflect the recent trends. See numbers below

Why is this important? As noted in a recent article from the Washington City PaperComing Up With a Beer Name is Harder Than Ever in An Industry Flooded With Trademarks.

I disagree strongly with one item in the otherwise excellent article:

Most smaller breweries can’t afford to trademark all their beers, just the flagship brands. “The only guys that really do a lot of trademarking are the big guys,” [3 Stars Brewing Company co-found Dave] Coleman says. “And that’s why you rarely see a little mom-and-pop brewery issuing a cease-and-desist to another little mom-and-pop brewery. It’s huge companies that have teams of lawyers in-house.

In fact, most small businesses – and breweries – cannot afford to skip trademark protection. As demonstrated by the headaches, bad media, costs, stress, and legal fees created by the many beer trademark disputes, spending a bit of money up front to help make sure a beer name is unique and protectable and filed with the USPTO is an incredible investment. The potential costs resulting from unprotected brands are tremendous. See my post The one trademark question that every small business owner should be asking.


Beer trademark filing statistics


USPTO Trademark Applications filed so far in 2015 for “beer or beers” and Class 32: 4800+

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2014 for “beer or beers” and Class 32: 4612

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2013 for “beer or beers” and Class 32: 3987

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2003 for “beer or beers” and Class 32: 854

USPTO Trademark Applications filed so far in 2015 for “stout or ale” and Class 32: 1276

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2014 for “stout or ale” and Class 32: 1112

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2013 for “stout or ale” and Class 32: 1107

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2003 for “stout or ale” and Class 32: 179

USPTO Trademark Applications filed so far in 2015 for “brewery” services: 114

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2014 for “brewery” services: 85

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2013 for “brewery” services: 105

USPTO Trademark Applications filed in 2003 for “brewery” services: 39

Mark Image

Anatomy of great branding: GREGORYS COFFEE

Posted by ipelton on: November 20th, 2015

When I am in New York, I frequently find myself in Gregorys Coffee. The brand is quirky and fun. The logo is odd — I assume it is Gregory’s hair and glasses, but I don’t know who Gregory is! The entire brand follow similar themes — the slogan is “SEE COFFEE DIFFERENTLY.”

I love the slogan, and the brand as a whole. Why?

  • The slogan it ties in to the logo (glasses, “see”)
  • The slogan communicates something about the brand — we are different!
  • The slogan (and the brand name) is short and simple
  • The slogan is unique
  • The slogan is memorable
  • The logo is memorable

As a bonus, their frequent customer club is called “Gregulars!” Brilliant.




One small bone to pick: Gregorys could benefit from some additional USPTO trademark registrations, including covering the name for their app, protecting GREGORYS alone (without COFFEE),  and protecting GREGULARS.

Another creative trademark use: License Plates

Posted by ipelton on: November 19th, 2015

License plates display trademarks with greater frequency each year. As a variety of organizations have license plates issued to support them through various states, more and more logos and trademarks are appearing on license plates.

This one from Virginia shows the states slogan used to promote tourism, and great marketing maneuver.


College logos are also frequently found on license plates.

As advertisers fight for more impressions with consumers, look for more trademarks to find there way onto license plates.

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sofTMware® is a free tool developed and provided by Erik M Pelton & Associates (EMP&A) for tracking and monitoring the status of USPTO trademark applications and registrations. The tool was built from scratch and uses electronic data published daily by the USPTO. Account holders receive daily reports via email notifying them of any changes in the statuses of USPTO trademark records that they are tracking. Office actions, responses, registrations, publication, extensions of time to oppose, notices of opposition, renewal reminders, and more are all potential statuses included in the update. Each email update contains an easy and quick link to jump directly to the USPTO records for each record which shows an update. The tool can be used to monitor a single application or registration or thousands of them. It can be used to monitor a company’s filings, a law firm’s filings, or to monitor filings owned by others.

sofTMware currently has more than 150 active users and is tracking the status of more than 25,000 USPTO records!

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Using a cloud-based secure website and password protected accounts at, the tool allows users to:

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  • Import multiple application serial numbers at once
  • Receive daily reports about status changes by email
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For example, here is the beginning of an email update (the records here represent nothing other than that I found them interesting):

2012-12-18 SOFTMWARE email p1_001

sofTMware® is available for free at  Let me know what you think of it!