The following is an edited transcript of my video 25 Benefits of Trademark Registration.

  1. It allows the owner to use the ® symbol, which conveys a brand’s status and helps ward off Infringers.
  2. You appear in the USPTO database, so when other brands are searching and clearing new names, it helps avoid conflicts.
  3. By being in the database, examiners will automatically block any conflicting application for a similar name, similar goods and services, and likely to cause confusion.
  4. Registration creates a tangible asset that can be bought or sold, licensed and assigned value.
  5. That tangible asset can be used as a security interest or collateral for a loan.
  6. Should you need to go to court, registration allows you to seek potentially triple damages and attorney’s fees, making for a much more compelling threat or negotiation.
  7. In going to court, having a federally registered trademark gives you jurisdiction in a federal district court, which is significant and important.
  8. For such a court proceeding, having a trademark registration gives you the presumption of owning that trademark, which carries important benefits in any dispute.
  9. Conveys nationwide priority throughout the US in all 50 states and US territories, and that protection can start as early as the filing date of the application.
  10. Registration can form the basis of filing for international protection in other countries.
  11. When dealing with potential infringement or cyber squatting situation, it’s a powerful tool to attach to a letter and to make a demand for a quick resolution.
  12. The ability to record a registered trademark with US Customs and Border Patrol, who can block and screen at the ports of entry.
  13. A wonderful registration certificate that you can display.
  14. By investing in brand protection, you are saving multitudes of the potential for a much more costly, protracted dispute.
  15. Registration is essentially insurance for your brand by building up a fort of protection around it.
  16. It shows competitors that you’re protected. This is valuable in being taken seriously and not being knocked off and copied.
  17. It shows customers that you’re protected, conveying a message that your brand is important and significant to you.
  18. It shows your employees that your brand is important and protected, so your staff will know how much effort, energy, and value has gone into creating your brand and what stands behind it.
  19. It makes the business as a whole more valuable. Studies show that businesses with registered trademarks generally perform better than businesses that don’t.
  20. Enforcement of any trademark issues are generally less expensive, less burdensome.
  21. The ability to enter into the Amazon brand registry.
  22. Provides more tools to deal with any domain name disputes or cyber squatters.
      1. Provides more tools and a stronger claim against any social media infringers.22
  23. Discourages others from even thinking about infringing or copying your brand.
  24. Having a trademark registration is a tremendous tool if an issue does arise, by making it easier, cheaper, and faster to deal with. Collectively, you can see trademark registration is a very important and valuable tool for any business—big or small.

For more information about trademark registration, see here.

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