The following is an edited transcript of my video Measuring the Competition.

There are a lot of trademark lawyers out there, and different firms can be a fit for different trademark owners depending on the client’s needs. If I were hiring a firm, Here are some things to consider.
  • If one competitor is much cheaper than the average in the field, you might ask “Why would I choose the cheapest option if it’s not providing all of the same things that the other options might provide?”
  • Do they charge flat fees or hourly fees or a combination?
  • Do they have former USPTO examiners on staff?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Do they own trademark registrations of their own and practice what they preach?
  • Do they educate others in the field of trademarks by teaching, providing webinars, or creating content?
  • Do they use patent pending software that’s proprietary and developed for their clients?
  • How many registrations have they obtained for their clients?
  • Do they have a laser focus on trademarks?
  • Do they take part in policy discussions with organizations, associations, and the government agencies that are involved in the world of trademarks?
  • Do they provide personal service or do they have layers of people to talk to before you get to the actual attorneys handling of the work?
  • Have they published any books?
  • Do they provide free information and resources on their website to help educate others about their trademark needs and the world of trademarks?
  • Are they invested in providing pro bono services and giving back to those who may not have the resources available to do it on their own?
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