The following is an edited transcript of my video What Are the Steps in the USPTO Trademark Application Process?

The trademark application process is very complex. Even a straightforward application generally takes over a year and has many steps—from getting signed, submitted, filed, and assigned a serial number to getting reviewed, approved, published, and registered. Those are the minimum number of steps, and you can see from this graphic that there are a whole roadmap of possible steps depending on what happens with the application. Experienced trademark attorneys know every step of the way because we deal with it repetitively over and over again. Our firm has helped thousands of applications become registered.

Not only are there many steps, but each step has rules and forms, and this adds to the complexity. The USPTO manual about the rules is hundreds of pages long. Data shows that working with an experienced trademark attorney improves the odds of success significantly. Don’t be overwhelmed by the complexity of the process. Instead, find a expert partner to help navigate that process for you.

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