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New ACC logo: Love it Leave it?

Posted by ipelton on: July 15th, 2014

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) recently unveiled a new logo.

New logo:

New ACC logo

Old logo:

ACC Logo 2013

The new logo is boring. Unimpressive. Not memorable. The opposite of bold. It tells us nothing about what the ACC is or what it does.

Granted, the old logo was nothing special either.  But if you are going to spend the time and energy and money to update the logo, why not make the most of it?

The ACC’s new logo will be plastered on millions of webpages, uniforms, and TV screens in just one season of football or basketball. And it will tell the viewed absolutely nothing about the ACC — except that it is boring.


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Netflix new logo – Love it or Leave it? #INTA14

Posted by ipelton on: May 12th, 2014

Netflix unveiled a new logo this month. The new design is more of tweak than a totally new design.

The new design (below on the left) is sleeker than the former design. Being sleeker can have advantages for a logo design. I believe Netflix probably chose to update it’s logo and make it more sleek because their brand is displayed more and more on small screens, such as phones. The sleeker design uses less bandwdith and reproduces more easily on a small screen without distortion or being hard to read.

However, the old logo had more character. It evoked an old Hollywood billboard with the white lettering and shadow effect. The new logo is too plain, it has no character.

In short, I find the new logo to be too simple and too bland. What do you think?


New RG3 logo – love it or leave it?

Posted by ipelton on: May 6th, 2014

Robert Griffin III, or RGIII or RG3, is the quarterback for the Washington Redskins. (For now, they are the Redskins. I believe they will change the name in the next year or two.)

Together with his apparel sponsor, Adidas, RG3 recently unveiled a new logo design:

Trademark image

Many superstars have their own logos — Lebron James, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, to name a few.  (As an aside, note that all those stars with logos have actually won championships.) The special logos help sell merchandise which help pay their endorsement contracts and put money in the athletes’ pockets.

What is the RG3 logo? It is some ‘mash up’ of an R a G and a 3. And it is shaped like home plate? (wrong sport?) I keep wanting to believe their is a hawk or an eagle or a talon in the design, since it looks like it has claws, but I don’t see it. Perhaps it is shaped like a shield, a la Superman? The G is hard to pick out.

The new logo is confusing, jumbled, and unattractive in my opinion.

One plus — Griffin’s company filed to protect the logo last month with the USPTO. See application Serial No. 86249951.

Not all logo changes are necessary. Not all logo changes are improvements. While there certainly can be value in updating an old design or changing it to better reflect the business and its message to consumers, some logo changes miss the mark.  Here are few recent logo changes that were made that, in my opinion, are terrible:

  • The National Reconnaissance Office unveiled a logo on a recent satellite mission featuring an octopus and the slogan “NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH.” Given the US government’s recent well publicized issues with allegations concerning its spying, this slogan is rather brash and insensitive. On top of that, the octopus looks bizarre.

NORL-39 octopus logo.jpg

  •  The University of New Hampshire unveiled a new logo this month. It is simple. Too simple in my opinion. It says nothing about the school, about New Hampshire, about its history or its mission or its specialties.  It says, were are clean and futuristic.  I think it is quite bad.

Top Photo

  •  Appalachian State made the logo change (or perhaps just an ‘alternate logo’?) below. The new logo looks a little too playful and amateur in my opinion to represent and serious school. The logo’s name –  Victory Yosef – also seems rather odd.

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Updated New England Patriots logo – love it or leave it?

Posted by ipelton on: July 16th, 2013

Disclosure 1 – I grew up in New England, so take all opinions with several grains of salt
Disclosure 2 – I recently concluded a TTAB case against the Kraft Group, owners of the Patriots

The New England Patriots unveiled an update to their logo last week. The script has been replaced by more block lettering, and the red white and blue triangular head and hat (sometimes referred to as  the “flying Elvis”) has moved to the below the middle of the wording.

The new logo is an improvement, in my opinion. But I don’t love it. The “flying Elvis” is still hideous and too modern for a team named the “Patriots” that should be steeped in history. The script font never really made sense – it didn’t really fit the football or the patriotic themes. The new font is an improvement but it looks like it has some unnecessary embellishments in the middle of each letter. Perhaps they are meant to convey the laces on a football (which wouldn’t make total sense since the letter curvature makes it appear there is a football below the letters. I do like the angling of the bottom of the letters, which forms the shape of a football’s curve will likely look great on jerseys and apparel.

The New England Patriots unveiled a new, bolder logo. (Photo courtesy of

I’m a much bigger fan of the original Patriot’s logo, nicknamed “Pat Patriot”:


What do you think of the latest tweaks to the Patriots logo?