The Winter Olympics in South Korea got underway over the weekend. The logo captured my attention…. what it is?

According the the official website, “The emblem symbolises a world open to everyone. It combines the image of ice and snow, winter sports stars (athletes), and people from all over the world, coming together in PyeongChang where heaven meets earth.”

But it also looks like a temple or a box, with an asterisk. I don’t think the meaning is apparent, or that a symbol of ice and snow is particularly meaningful or special without a spectacular design.

I think the design is a fail as it is clunky, awkward, and fails to transmit a clear message, and I would leave it.

PyeongChang 2018 Emblem

The logo was registered with the USPTO in 2014 by the U.S. Olympic Committee, which enjoys special trademark protections under statutes from Congress. The Registration covers a wide range of goods and services!

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electrical and electronic goods, namely, calculating machines, electronic day planners; banking cards, namely, credit cards and debit cards using magnetic memories and integrated circuit memories; banking cards, namely, credit cards and debit cards having integrated circuits and microprocessors; memory cards; automatic cash dispensers; equipment for data processors and computers, namely, cards equipped with microprocessors and integrated circuits; computer hardware in the nature of integrated circuit cards and card readers containing transponders and other proximity payment devices; mouse pads; fluid control devices, namely, expansion valves, flow meters, pressure switches, sequence timers, regulators, levelers, ejectors, and electrical controls and switches; electrical inductors, electrical transformers, electric regulating and controlling devices, electric measuring instruments, switchboards; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; electrostatic emission control devices, namely, electrostatic precipitators for reducing particulate emission in industrial applications; electronic notice boards

Surgical apparatus and instruments for medical, dental and veterinary use, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopaedic articles, namely, orthopaedic joint implants, orthopaedic support bandages, orthopaedic braces, orthopaedic soles, orthopaedic footwear; suture materials; clinical medical test kits for use in anti-doping tests, comprised of test tubes, test plates and indicator charts for evaluating test results; medical apparatus for the dispensing of measured unit doses of pharmaceutical preparations; vials for medical use; cannulas for medical use; syringes for medical use; fluid injectors for medical use; cartridges for medical use sold empty; medical devices, namely, infusion pumps for intravenous administration of fluids; needles for medical purposes; implantable radiation therapy devices consisting of encapsulated radioisotope brachytherapy sources; radiation therapy delivery system consisting of radioactive seeds and a bio-absorbable carrier assembly; cardiac output monitors; heat and moisture exchangers for medical use; bacteria filters for medical use; gas analyzers for medical purposes; anesthesia record keeping and data management systems and patient monitor systems, namely, gas monitors, pulse oximeters, multi-parameter monitors, ECG monitors, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure monitors, neuromuscular transmission monitors, metabolic monitors and spirometers for anesthesia, intensive care and diagnostic applications; anesthesia machines and ventilators for patient care; intensive care and anesthesia accessories for single patient use, namely, gas sampling lines, airway adapters, breathing circuits, spirometry sensors and tubes, tubes, water traps, pulse oximetry sensors, non-invasive blood pressure cuffs, intravenous flushing sets, anesthesia masks, carbon dioxide absorbers, temperature probes and nebulizers; central nervous system monitors; gastrointestinal tonometers; gradient coils, namely, magnetic gradient coils used in magnetic resonance imaging; medical diagnostic devices, namely, bone densitometers; fetal monitoring apparatus, namely, fetal pulse and vital signs monitors; patient monitoring apparatus, namely, heart and vital signs monitors; medical imaging systems, namely, ultrasounds, medical diagnostic imaging machines, imaging devices for screening and diagnostic applications for use in planning intervention and surgery, and parts thereof and attachments thereto; medical diagnostic apparatus for displaying diagnostic images, namely, spot film apparatus, x-ray image intensifiers, x-ray fluoroscopes, mobile x-ray units, radiographic film viewers, computerized tomography scanners, nuclear resonance scanners, ultra sound scanners, magnetic resonance scanners, positron emission tomography (pet) scanners; and parts thereof and attachments thereto including tables and pads; electronic blood pressure meters, laser medical treatment devices, namely, lasers for medical use, ultrasonic medical diagnostic apparatus, hearing aids, laser scalpels, electric massagers, hand-held vibrators for medical use, low frequency electronic muscle stimulator for medical use, high frequency electromagnetic therapy apparatus for medical use, air mattresses for medical use, namely, electric air mats for bedsores, electric inhalers for therapeutic use sold empty, electric heating pads for medical purposes, medical bone densitometers for use in the diagnosis of osteoporosis; radiation dosimeters for assessing therapeutic doses of radiation delivered to patients; body fat monitors

Solar collectors, solar heat collection panels; solar light fixtures, namely, indoor and outdoor solar powered lighting units and fixtures; solar thermal installations, namely, solar thermal modules; solar water heaters; domestic electric and gas cooking appliances, namely, cooking rings, gas and electric stoves; gas and electric ovens and cook tops; heat exchangers for use in the distributed residential and portable fuel cell power applications; nuclear reactors and accessories and component parts thereof, namely, heat pumps, steam valves and valves for regulating the flow of gases and liquids; electric lamps; electric lighting fixtures and their parts, namely, lampshades; electric refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning apparatus; microwave ovens for cooking; wall cooking ovens for domestic use; electric and gas food warming drawers; convection ovens, electric and gas cook tops; electric and gas cooking ovens and ranges; ventilation hoods for stoves; and ventilating exhaust fans; water filters; water softening units; clothes dryers; electric fans, ceiling fans, flashlights; lamps and lights for vehicles; electric lights for Christmas trees; fluid separation units; fluid concentration units; fluid recycling units; polymeric membrane material for use in the separation of fluids; filter apparatus used for filtering solids from gases and liquids or filtering liquids from gases, and for filtering one immiscible liquid from another; spirally-wound elements or cartridges contained within a tubular plastic sleeve for concentrating products and removing impurities in fluid treatment systems; water conditioning units for residential purposes; water treatment equipment, namely, reverse osmosis modules and membranes therefor; water purification units and systems consisting of clarifiers, electro-deionization systems, condensate polishers, vacuum degasification units, ultra filtration units, ultraviolet sterilizers, ion exchangers, acid and caustic regeneration systems, reverse osmosis systems, forced draft decarbonator units, filters, chemical feed systems and bulk storage units, sold with automatic controls and instruments to monitor operating parameters of the units and systems electrochemical liquid purification units for use in the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors; water filtering units for domestic, commercial and industrial use; waste water purification units; water purifying units for potable water for domestic, commercial and industrial use; fluid separation units, namely, industrial fluid filters; recycling units, namely, fluid purification units; water treatment equipment, namely, cartridge filtration units; water treatment equipment for household use, namely, water softeners and water conditioners; media filters and depth filters for removing sediments, iron, sulfur, tastes and odors from water; reverse osmosis water purification units; depth filter units and depth filter cartridges for liquid and air filtration for domestic, industrial, and commercial use; disposable cartridge filters for industrial water filtration; apparatus and installations for lighting, namely, incandescent lamps, glow switch starters, screw-in fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, flash lights, fluorescent lanterns, lamps, fluorescent lighting fixtures, dynamo lights for bicycles, germicidal lamps for purifying air, and lighting fixtures; apparatus and installations for cooking, namely, automatic bread makers for domestic use, electric kettle, electric rice cooker, gas fueled rice cookers, electric slow cookers, electric roasters, ovens for cooking, electric toasters, electric coffee makers, electric cooking stoves, electric thermo pots, gas cookers, induction heating hobs, electric barbecue griddles, microwave ovens, gas cooking stoves with ovens, electric food-pans, sinks; apparatus and installations for refrigeration and freezing, namely, refrigerators, freezers, cold and hot water dispensers, freezing and refrigerating showcases, electric water coolers, electric ice makers; ventilating apparatus and instruments, namely, electric fans, ventilating fans, electric air purifiers, extraction hoods for cookers, electric dehumidifiers, electric humidifiers, blowing machines in the nature of electric exhaust fans, air conditioning apparatus in the nature of air curtains, air handling units, ceiling fans, roof ventilators, and parts and fittings therefor, all included in this class; apparatus and installations for heating, steam-generating, drying, cooling and air-conditioning, namely, air conditioners, fan coil units for air-conditioning, evaporative air refreshing apparatus, gas and electric stoves, electric space heaters, electric blankets, electrically heated floor carpets, kerosene fan heaters, electric foot warmers (kotatsu), gas cordless room warmers; water supply apparatus, namely, hot water tanks; installations for sanitary purposes in the nature of steam rooms, electric bidets, toilets, washing toilet seats, portable toilets, sewage aeration treatment systems, comprised of filters and gas extractors, water-purifiers, incinerators in the nature of trash burners, sauna baths, bathtubs, bath installations, electric home shower; water heaters, gas instantaneous water heaters; dryers, namely, electric dish dryers, electric hair dryers, clothes dryers; metallic sinks; electric lamps; dryers for clothes, electric clothes dryers

Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, namely, cars, buses, coaches, light lorries and trucks, vans, motor homes, motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, boats, ships, airplanes, helicopters, locomotives, railway cars; tires for vehicles; electric motors and diesel engines for land vehicles; bicycles, bicycle tires and tubes, automatic guided vehicles, electric power assisted bicycles

Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, namely, commemorative coins and medals; jewelry, precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments, lapel pins

Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, namely, paper napkins and towels, tissue and toilet paper, newsprint paper, paper banners, disposable paper baby bibs, paper grocery bags, cardboard and paper cartons; printed matter, namely, commemorative stamp sheets; newspapers, magazines and books in the field of sport events, photographs, posters; bookbinding material, namely, tape, wire, cloth; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes, bumper stickers, decorative decals; artists’ materials, namely, pens, pencils, calligraphy sets, comprised of writing utensils, drawing sets comprised of artists’ brushes, artists’ pastels; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites, except furniture, namely, envelope sealing machines, franking machines, adhesive tape dispensers, correcting fluid for type, finger-stalls, paper embossers, paper folding machines, punches, rubber bands, staplers; printed instructional and teaching material, except apparatus, in the field of sports entertainment, sports events and sports training; plastic materials for packaging, namely, blister cards, bags; printers’ type; printing blocks; cheque books, credit cards without magnetic coding, punched cards without magnetic coding; computer paper for use in publishing newspapers and periodicals; paper shredders, electric staplers, battery-operated letter openers, electric pencil sharpeners, electric paper hole punches, electronic typewriters, ribbon cassettes for electronic typewriters, cheque printing machines, thermal papers; access card laminators for office use; window clings

Rubber, gutta-percha, asbestos, mica and goods made from these materials and not included in other classes, namely, rubber bands for commercial and industrial uses, rubber bars and rods, rubber bottle stoppers, rubber chips or granules for use as a playground ground cover, rubber cords and laces, rubber sealant for caulking and adhesive purposes, rubber sheets, rubber sleeves for protecting parts of machinery, rubber thread and covered rubber yarn not for textile use, electrical insulating rubber products, foam rubber, rings of rubber for use as pipe connection seals, asbestos fabrics, asbestos fire curtains, asbestos nets, asbestos paper, asbestos powder, asbestos yarn, mica for use in the manufacture of electronic instruments; plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; packing and insulating materials; flexible pipes, not of metal; silicone sealants for a variety of uses such as for bath tub caulking, sealing boats and automobiles; silicone based sealants and adhesives for road and weather topping, silicone rubber roof coating; plastic panels for building construction purposes; plastic glazing compounds; plastic in the form of sheets, plates, foils, blocks, all for use in manufactures; electrical insulation material, electric insulators, namely, insulating varnish, silicone rubber compounds; thermal insulating material, thermoplastic insulation materials used as building materials for insulating, roofing and glazing; plastic material in the form of sheets, rods or foils, molding materials, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) lined flexible water pipes; soundproofing materials for buildings

Knapsacks made of leather; all-purpose sports bags made of leather; leather back packs; leather tote bags; leather handbags; leather draw-string bags; leather purses; leather wallets; leather credit card cases; briefcase-type leather business folders; leather brief cases; attaché cases of leather; garment bags for travel; leather gym bags; all-purpose sports gear carrying bags made of leather; umbrellas; luggage trunks for traveling; parasols; walking sticks; whips, harnesses; saddlery; leather barrel bags; leather fanny backs; leather dog leashes; travel bags and shoe bags for travel; leather duffel bags; suit bags for travel; leather school bags; leather gym bags shaped to fit into footlockers; leather pet collars

Non metallic building materials, namely, reinforcing materials; non-metallic rigid pipes, for building; asphalt, pitch and bitumen; non-metallic transportable buildings; monuments, not of metal; thermoplastic building and construction materials used as wood, metal or glass substitutes for support or roofing, namely, bricks, mounting blocks, rigid pipes, plates, and transparent plates; non-metal doors, non-metal rain gutters, non-metal ceiling panels, non-metal folding doors, wood flooring, sound insulating sheets, namely, sound deadening gypsum wallboard, non-metal roof tiles, prefabricated houses, laminated flooring, non-metal siding, non-metal building material, namely, steps; roofing, not of metal, incorporating solar cells

Belts, neckties; suspenders; bandannas; beach sandals; infant and toddler sleep wear; bathrobes, nightshirts, pajamas and lounge wear; beach cover-up dresses; toddler short and top sets; girls knit dresses with pants sets; boys shorts and top sets; girls skirt/panty combinations; socks; plays suits; coveralls; union suits; collarless shirts; shorts; pants and slacks; shirts; jackets; judges, team, referee and umpire uniforms; sweaters; parkas; turtlenecks; mittens; gloves; underwear; rompers; jerseys; maternity tops; bow ties; head wear and scarves; ear muffs, ear bands and headbands; hosiery; rain wear, namely, rain ponchos and jackets; footwear, namely, shoes, boots and slippers; bath thongs; hats; caps; visors; aprons; ski and cloth bibs; team uniform reproductions, comprising of jerseys featuring reproductions of professional athletic team logos; canvas footwear; knickers; wind-resistant jackets; T-shirts; sweatshirts; sweat pants; baseball caps; coats; pullovers; one-piece ski suits; golf shirts and hats; blazers; leg warmers; sequined evening tops; jeans; leotards; workout and sports apparel, namely, shorts, jackets, slacks and skirts; ski masks and ski gloves; sailing gloves

Games and playthings, namely, dolls and stuffed toy animals; toy scale model vehicles; jigsaw puzzles; action puppets; toy plastic mini-helmets, blow-up toys, namely, beach balls, novelty flotation devices for recreational use, specifically arm floats, swim floats, foam floats; commemorative mascot dolls; bobble-head dolls; hand puppets; teddy bears; plastic yo-yos, action figures and accessories to be used with action figures; marbles; kites; toy trucks; plastic toy hoops; toy model train sets; snow globes; radio-operated toy vehicles; toys for pets; coin and non-coin operated pinball machines; hand-held units for playing video games; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes, namely, commemorative sports balls with the logo of an international athletic event on them, dart board cabinets and darts, basketball backboards; golf bag covers, shoulder strap pads for golf bags; aerodynamic discs for playing board games; archery sets; rubber and wooden sports balls; jump ropes; athletic supporters; tennis, badminton, volley ball and goalie nets; ice-hockey sticks; iron shots specifically for use in the shot put competition; tennis racquetball and badminton rackets; table tennis paddles; baseball and cricket bats; gymnastic equipment, namely, bottle-shaped clubs; balloons; baseball, boxing, karate, softball and hockey gloves, bowling ball bags; fishing lures; discuses; exercise equipment, namely, barbells and weight-lift benches; athletic equipment shaped nylon bags for carrying tennis rackets, skis and squash rackets; ice skates, skis, snow boards and cross-country skis; curling equipment, specifically curling stones; bob sleighs, protective pads for all kinds of team sports, specifically, football knee pads, football elbow pads, football chest pads, football shoulder pads, soccer leg pads, ice and field hockey knee pads; protective face masks for baseball, football, ice hockey and field hockey; decorations for Christmas trees; playing cards; electric fishing floats, devices for tying fishing lines to fishing hooks, wax applicators for skis, stationary exercise bicycles and rollers therefor

Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs, milk and milk products, namely, cheese and yogurt; edible oils and fats

Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee; flour and preparations made from cereals, namely, biscuits and cookies, bread, pastry and confectionery, namely, cakes, fruit ices; honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauces as condiments, namely, mayonnaise, ketchup and relish; spices; ice

Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks, namely, aloe vera drinks, coffee-flavored soft drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, guarana drinks, isotonic drinks, sports drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups for making beverages and other preparations for making soft drinks, fruit drinks and fruit juices beverages

Advertising; dissemination of advertising matter via all media, namely, in the form of thematic messages centered on human values; promotion of products and services of third parties through sponsoring arrangements and license agreements relating to international sports’ events; business management; business administration; providing office functions; promoting the goods and services of others by means of contractual agreements, namely, arranging for sponsors to affiliate their goods and services with an awards program, a sports competition and sporting activities and licensing agreements relating to international sports’ events to enable partners to gain additional notoriety and/or image derived from those of cultural and sporting events, in particular international sporting events; promoting the goods and services of others by means of image transfer, namely, making the partners’ products and services benefit from the notoriety and attractiveness of sporting events and competitions; rental of advertising space of all kinds and on all carriers, digital or not; business management services, namely, administration of competitions for the participation of national teams to an international athletic competition, and promoting the support to said teams with the public and the concerned circles by means of promotional campaigns in the media; inventory control services; consultation in the field of inventory control services; business acquisition integration services; direct marketing advertising for others featuring database marketing; consultation in the field of direct marketing advertising for others featuring database marketing; business reorganization consulting services; truck and automobile fleet management services, namely, voyage reporting and invoicing via a global computer network; consultation in the field of truck and automobile fleet management services; business administration consulting services; operation and management of power plants of others; consultation in the field of operation and management of power plants, business services, namely, the administration of repair and services contracts, supply chain management and consulting services in the areas of chemical product and service sourcing and procurement, product inventory and supply management and cost; consulting, marketing, cost and pricing analysis relating to electrochemical liquid purification units for use in the industrial sector; administrative, commercial and technical computerized file management; data entry and data processing services; consultancy in computerized database and file management; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods and services, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods and services from an Internet web site particularly specializing in the marketing of the sale of goods and services of others; business information, commercial information agencies, rental of photocopying machines; promoting the sale of goods and services of others by means of advertisements, promotional contests, discounts and incentives in the nature of sweepstakes, rebates, reward points, and value added offers generated in connection with the use of payment cards; promoting sports competitions and events of others; promoting concerts and cultural events of others, organization of expositions having commercial or advertising purposes; the provision of documentation, namely, direct mail advertising, dissemination of advertising matter, distribution of samples, document reproduction; advertising regarding commercial sales promotion of goods and services at the retail level; providing consumer product information regarding purchase of goods and services on-line via the Internet and other computer networks; advertising services namely, advertising for transport, travel, hotels, lodging, food and meals, sports, entertainment and sightseeing, for tourist agencies services; consultation in the field of data processing, in particular, in regard to financial transactions

Insurance consultation; financial management; monetary exchange; real estate affairs, namely, real estate appraisal, real estate investment; credit card services; financing of sporting and cultural activities; rental of buildings and outbuildings designed for hosting business entertainment; asset based and private label financing services; financial analysis and consultation; credit card financial services; credit card services, namely, extension of credit to others; financial asset management for others; insurance and re-insurance services, namely, underwriting services for all types of insurance; equity investment services; insurance underwriting services in the field of bonds; financial guarantee assurance underwriting services; personal loan financing; mortgage banking services; acquisition financing services; commercial financing services; commercial real estate agency services; mutual fund investment; private equity and debt investment; consultancy, advisory and information services relating to all the foregoing services; insurance brokerage services, credit agency services in the fields of consumer and commercial credit, real estate loan financing services and banking and financing services; computerized services in connection with financial and monetary operations relating to electronic commercial transactions, namely, electronic funds transfers, electronic debit and credit card transactions; banking, namely, bank card services and store account card services; financial clearing-house services; issuing of cheques and letters of credit; financial trust operations; bill payment services; debit card services; charge card services; pre-paid card services; electronic credit and debit transactions; electronic funds transfer; smart card and electronic cash card services; electronic cash disbursements services; cash replacement rendered by credit card and debit cards; electronic cash transactions; cheque verification; cheque cashing; deposit access and automated teller machine services; payment processing services, namely, credit card and debit card transaction processing services; providing financial information via a global computer network; financial sponsorship of musical concerts and festivals; information services in the tourist field, namely, providing financial information in regard to financial matters for the assistance of tourists; providing information related to commodity trading

Building construction; repair, installation and maintenance of computer systems hardware, computer network hardware and computer hardware; construction, installation, repair, replacement, overhaul and maintenance of power plants, engines, turbines, wind turbines, motors and apparatus, equipment and instrument for the generation of power and electricity and their component parts, fittings and accessories; installation, maintenance and repair services for compressors and pumps, namely, machine pumps and compressors, turbo expanders, fuel pumps and fuel distribution equipment, CNG refueling equipment, gas turbines, steam turbines, air cooled heat-exchangers, steam condensers, heavy wall reactors and tubular reactors; oil and gas pipeline maintenance and repair services; drilling and pumping of oil and gas; drilling for crude oil; oil well casing, tubing and drill pipe installation; rental of oil and gas well drilling tools; diagnostic repair and maintenance services rendered in the repair and maintenance of aircraft engines, turbines, electrical equipment, medical equipment, locomotives including accessories and component parts of all the foregoing; construction equipment leasing; chemical cleaning services for glass-lined reactor vessels used in the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries; maintenance services for heat transfer systems and condensers; maintenance and repair services in the field of computerized cooling system equipment, repair and maintenance of machinery, instruments, electrical equipment and appliances, namely, oil and gas equipment maintenance and repair services; installation of point of sale terminals in shops; computer maintenance; electric appliance installation and repair, repair of radio receivers and television receivers, repair and maintenance of electrical communication apparatus and instruments, repair and maintenance of household electric appliances, repair and maintenance of electric lighting apparatus, repair and maintenance of power distribution and control apparatus, repair and maintenance of electric motors, repair and maintenance of measuring and testing machines and instruments, repair and maintenance of medical apparatus and instruments, repair and maintenance of metalworking machines and tools, repair and maintenance of cooking appliances, repair and maintenance of automatic distribution machines, repair and maintenance of water purifying apparatus, repair and maintenance of musical instruments, watch and clock repair and maintenance, repair and maintenance of gas water heaters for household purposes, repair and maintenance of bath equipment, repair of toilet stool units with washing water squirting features, installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware, repair and maintenance of air conditioning apparatus, office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair, machinery installation, maintenance and repair, vehicle repair, repair and maintenance of electrical communication apparatus and instruments, repair and maintenance of computers, repair and maintenance of electronic printers, telephone repair, repair and maintenance of consumer electronics and telecommunications equipment

Telecommunication services, namely, local and long distance transmission of voice, data, graphics by means of telephone, telegraphic, cable, and satellite transmissions; television broadcasting; communications by mobile telephones; communications by electronic computer terminals; providing access to databases and Internet related telecommunications networks; communications by a communications system consisting of teletypewriters connected to a telephonic network to send and receive signals; communications by telegraph; communications by telephone; communications by facsimile; paging by radio; communications by teleconferencing; cable television broadcasting; radio broadcasting; press and information agency services, specifically, transmission of news including sports results and entertainment; other message transmission services, specifically, delivery of messages by electronic means; broadcasting of a commercial site on the Internet; streaming of radio and television programming and broadcasting services provided via the Internet; electronic messaging; providing access to computer bulletin boards, and real-time chat forums for transmission of messages among users concerning sports and entertainment; transmission of messages and images via computer; providing access to telecommunications channels for home and office tele-shopping services via computer and/or interactive communications technologies; telecommunication of information including web pages, computer programs and any other data, specifically, data transmitted by electronic communications network; electronic mail services; providing user access to the Internet; providing telecommunications connections to the Internet or databases; providing access to digital music web sites on the Internet; providing access to MP3 web sites on the Internet; delivery of digital music by telecommunications; rental of access time to a central database available on the Internet; providing access to search engine databases; management of chat forums on the Internet for transmission of messages among computer users concerning sports and entertainment; rental of telecommunication lines for access time to a central server database; rental of telecommunication lines for access time to a computer database; simultaneous broadcasting of films and of video and sounds recordings via electronic communications networks; providing e-mail services; wireless data messaging service, particularly service that enable a user to send and/or receive message through a wireless data work; one-way and two-way paging services; electronic transmission of data, images, audio, video and documents, including text, cards, letters, messages, mail, animations and electronic mail, over local or global communications networks, including the internet, intranets, extranets, television, mobile communication, cellular and satellite networks; electronic transmission of computer software over local or global communications networks, including the internet, intranets, extranets, television, mobile communication, cellular, and satellite networks; providing access to databases and local or global communications networks, namely, the Internet, intranets, extranets, television, mobile communication, cellular, and satellite networks; message transmission and relay services, namely, electronic transmission of messages; telecommunication services for the dissemination of information by mobile telephone, namely, the transmission of data to mobile telephones; mobile telephone communication services; electronic transmission and reception of voice communication; communication services, namely, transmission of data by telecommunications networks, and multimedia communications networks; rental of access time to global computer networks; transmission of data, images, audio, video and documents, including text, electronic cards, letters, messages, e-mail, animations and electronic mail, over local or global communications networks, including the internet, intranets, extranets, television, mobile communication, cellular and satellite networks

Courier and air transportation services; travel arrangement; storage services for carriers containing immobile and mobile images, namely, storage of electronic media, namely, images, text and audio data; transmission of oil or gas through pipelines; automobile, aircraft, railcar and marine vessel leasing; chemical delivery and storage services in the field of water treatment and pulp and paper making systems; leasing of shipping containers; boat transport; vehicles reservation services; travel services, namely, travel information services, reservation services and organization of travel in the nature of pre-trip planning assistance services; travel ticket reservation services; information services in the tourist field, namely, transportation information services; information services in the tourist field, namely, ticket reservation information services for transportation, travel and sightseeing; information services in the tourist field, namely, activity scheduling information services for sightseeing and transportation; travel services in the nature of arranging transportation for the assistance of tourists; tourist reservation services, namely, travel ticket reservation and transportation reservation services; providing travel information to travelers regarding fares, timetables and methods of transport; tourist assistance services, namely, ticket reservations for transport, travel and sightseeing; tourist assistance services, namely, activity scheduling for sightseeing; tourist reservation services, namely, ticket reservation services for transport, travel and sightseeing; providing travel timetables and modes of transport

Treatment of materials; developing of films for movies; enlarging of photographs, printing of photographs, developing of films for photographs; leasing or rental of machines and instruments for developing, printing, enlarging or finishing for photography; oil production services; gas production services; oil and gas well treatment services; oil and gas refining services; wastewater treatment services; water treatment services, namely, desalination, purification, conditioning, identifying and controlling microbiological organisms, cleaning of ion exchange resins; membrane regeneration services; providing information to others, over a global computer network, relating to industrial water purification

Providing of training services in the fields of biathlon, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, luge, skating, skiing, and shooting; entertainment in the nature of international sporting events, namely, biathlon performances, bobsleigh performances, curling performances, ice hockey performances, luge performances, skating performances, skiing performances, and shooting performances; organizing international community sporting and cultural events, television show production in the field of sporting and cultural entertainment; organization of cultural and educational exhibitions in the field of sports; organization of lotteries; betting and gambling services relating to or in conjunction with sport; entertainment services provided at or relating to sports events, namely, presentation of live show performances in the nature of opening and closing ceremonies of international sports events; organization of international community sporting and cultural events; organization of sporting competitions, namely, biathlon, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, luge, skating, skiing, and shooting competitions; management of sporting facilities, namely, providing sports facilities; rental of audio and video equipment; production and distribution of motion picture films; production of video tapes and audio sounds recordings; rental of films and video tapes and sounds recordings; rental of interactive education and entertainment videotapes in the field of sports; production of radio and television programs featuring coverage of sports and sporting events; radio and television program and video tape production services; production of animated motion picture films; production of animated television programs; seat booking services for shows and sporting events; timing of sports events; organization of beauty contests; on-line gambling services; providing of games over the Internet, namely, on-line computer games; providing of raffle services in the nature of a lottery; providing information relating to sports entertainment and education, provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet; electronic games services provided by means of the Internet, namely, providing on-line computer games; providing on-line electronic publications, namely, publication of electronic magazines and newspapers; publication of electronic books, reviews, journals, magazines, texts other than publicity texts; on-line publication of electronic books, reviews, journals, magazines, texts other than publicity texts; providing non-downloadable digital music on the Internet via a global computer network; providing non-downloadable digital music by means of MP3 Internet web sites on a global computer network; providing sport records and statistical information in connection with sports and sporting events; leasing of recorded sound and images, namely, audio, video and photographic archives relating to sport competitions and related events, audio production services; providing information in the field of sports, namely, providing sporting results; providing information related to sporting events provided on-line from a computer database or from the Internet; music publishing and production services; providing non-downloadable digital music, namely, music from the opening and closing ceremonies of international sporting events, via the Internet; providing statistical information in relation to sports results and audience ratings for sports competitions; training in the use and operation of signaling and cross-warning systems for the rail and transit industries; educational services in the field of medical imaging and diagnostics, namely, holding seminars, conferences, symposiums or workshops relating to the pharmaceutical industry, for medical practitioners and employees of pharmaceutical companies; educational services, namely, holding seminars, conferences, symposiums or workshops in the field of life science and biotechnology for scientists and researchers; conducting seminars related to industrial water treatment problems; providing training services for all the aforesaid; providing training services in management and the medical field through the use of instructions and demonstrations provided online, through the Internet, intranet and extranets; education services, namely, conducting practical training workshops, classes and seminars featuring demonstrations in the field of management and medicine; design, organization and conducting of educational courses, seminars and training in the field of computers; organizing and conducting musical concerts; booking of seats for shows and cinema presentations; entertainment information; film production; production of television and radio shows; entertainment services in the nature of theatre productions; providing golf facilities; health club services, namely, providing instruction and equipment in the field of physical exercise; sport camp services; presentation of live show performances; movie theatres; organization of cultural shows; holiday camp services; movie studios; news reporters services; providing on-line non-downloadable publications, in the nature of books, magazines, reviews in the field of sports; education services, namely, conducting classes, seminars, presentations, video presentations in the field of sports, provision of educational material, namely, development and dissemination of educational materials in the area of financial literacy; educational services in the tourist field, namely, providing seminars, conferences, symposiums and workshops in the field of booking travel and entertainment tickets; information services in the tourist field, namely, ticket reservation information in the nature of providing information concerning ticket reservations for shows and other entertainment events entertainment; information services in the tourist field, namely, entertainment information services; information services in the tourist field, namely, providing activity scheduling information services for sports, culture and other entertainment events; services in regard to entertainment for the assistance of tourists, namely, tourist assistance services in the nature of activity scheduling for sporting, cultural and other entertainment events; tourist reservation services, namely, ticket reservation services for sporting, cultural and other entertainment events; tourist reservation services, namely, ticket reservation services for sporting, cultural and other entertainment events

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto in the field of medical and pharmaco-toxicological science and testing; industrial analysis and research services in the field of medical and pharmaco-toxicological science and testing; laboratory analysis in the field of medical and pharmaco-toxicological science and testing; design and development of computer hardware and software; services relating to wind and wind power, namely, professional engineering and design consulting services and engineering services; design of new products for others in the field of wind power; industrial design services; design of power, wind power and electric power generating equipment and installations; engineering services, technical consultation and scientific research services in the oil and gas exploration industries; oil and gas exploration services; geophysical exploration for the oil and gas industries; analysis of oil and gas fields; oil and gas prospecting, namely, well logging and testing; oil and gas well testing; oil and gas pipeline inspection; remote monitoring and diagnostic services for compressors, pumps, turboexpanders, fuel pumps and fuel distribution equipment, CNG refueling equipment, gas turbines, steam turbines, air cooled heat exchangers, steam condensers, heavy wall reactors and tubular reactors; planning, design and management of information technology systems in the field of global railroad and transit industries; leasing of computer equipment; consultation, and advisory services relating to engineering, design and development problems encountered by utility, industrial, and commercial companies, governments, and individuals; computer programming services for others; computer software design and analysis services for others; computer consultation services; maintenance and updating of computer software and computer programs for others; installation of computer software; computer systems analysis and design services for others; consultancy services relating to chemical research; consultancy services relating to the discovery and evaluation of drugs and compounds having diagnostic, prophylactic and/or therapeutic properties; medical and scientific research consultancy services relating to methods for diagnosis using laser based optical systems; development and design of high through put screening assays for drug development services; research and development in the biotechnology field; technical support services for factory automation software, namely, providing maintenance of computer software and providing periodic upgrades of software; custom design of security access systems; design and consulting services in connection with the configuration of systems used in applications supporting fiber optic technology; technical support, namely, monitoring of network systems; technical consultation concerning the design and development of security and access systems; laboratory and testing services for fluid separation and membrane testing; engineering and consulting services for the detection of contaminants in water treatment systems, aqueous systems, cooling water systems, industrial boiler water systems, industrial water and process systems, industrial fuel processing systems, pulp and paper making systems, and metal and plastic processing systems; engineering services and technical support services, namely, design and configuration of computer software and hardware systems to be used in the treatment of aqueous system and in the treatment of pulp and paper making systems, petroleum and petrochemical processing systems, and metal and plastic finishing operations; programming for data processing machines, namely, programming of electronic money machines; providing on-line non-downloadable computer programs for assuring security of data transfers; research and industrial development in the field of computers; technical consultation in the field of computers; creation and maintenance of computer data bases and computer programs; hosting the web sites of others on a computer server for a global computer network; installation of computer software; maintenance of computer software; providing search engines for the Internet; quality control for others; recovery of computer data; product research and development for others; surveying; updating of computer software; maintenance of computer software; engineering, testing and research relating to electric machines, apparatus and instruments, computer rental; rental of computer software and programs

Serving food and drinks; restaurant services; welcoming services, namely, providing food and drink; catering services; booking of temporary accommodation and hotel rooms; bar services; cafés; rental of meeting rooms, namely, rental of rooms for social functions; tourist homes; information services in the tourist field, namely, lodging information services; information services in the tourist field, namely, information on provision of food and drinks; services in regard to lodging for the assistance of tourists in the nature of travel agency services, namely, making reservations and booking for temporary lodging; services in regard to provision of food and meals for the assistance of tourists, namely, restaurant reservation services; tourist reservation services, namely, hotel reservation and food and meal reservation services; information services in the tourist field, namely, reservation information concerning hotel, lodging, food and meals; tourist assistance and reservation services, namely, making reservations for hotels, lodging, food and meals; and leasing and rental of mobile and modular buildings for temporary use

Medical services; medical and pharmaco-toxicological controls, namely, drug use testing services in the nature of anti-doping testing; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services, namely, pest control services for agriculture, horticulture or forestry; consultancy services relating to medical and diagnostic imaging; consultancy services relating to diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic properties of pharmaceuticals; medical information services; medical imaging services; medical diagnostic testing, monitoring and reporting services; and medical advisory services related to all the aforesaid; leasing of medical equipment

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