A client received the domain name scam below last week. This solicitation is similar to scams targeting trademark owners – it looks official and it is has zero legitimate value. An “Annual Website Domain Listing on internet directory” — so what? No one uses or needs such directories (unless they are selling spots for money). The cost of $228.00 provides no actual value that I am aware of.

Don’t fall for this scam!

Domain Listings Internet Directory 

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125 thoughts on “Beware of scam from “Domain Listings”

  1. We just received an invoice today, July 17, 2018 and I was suspicious so I googled and found your post. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for this post!! 7-20-18 I got one also….. didn’t remember this from the past so I searched my quickbooks for the name and didn’t see it. I then found your post on google 🙂

  3. Thank you for your post. I received the same “invoice”. I wish there was more protection from companies like this that scam folks out of their hard earned money. Well you know what they say about Karma…. Thanks again and God bless you.

  4. We just got our “invoice” in the mail today, and literally right after I got off the phone with our actual web domain provider, so thank you so much for the heads up! I hope no one truly falls for this scam!!

  5. Thank you for you post. I just received the exact the same invoice from Domain Listings just now. I was suspicious about this invoice cause I know that our company have never dealt with them in the past so I googled the company and found your post. Thank you so much greatly appreciate it.

  6. Just got this letter today.
    Thank you for posting – thought it was a little “weird.”
    You can’t trust anyone anymore.

  7. Our business got one of these letters. I filed a complaint with BBB.org and FTC.gov for deceptive and scam-y marketing practice. Report them to agencies where you can.

    Scammers gonna scam, I guess.

  8. We just received the same and, since I’ve never heard of them, I decided to check our records. Then I immediately did a search and found this scam warning. Boy, am I ever glad I did.

  9. Received it & saw this post. Disregard it. My question is since it is a scam and a PO BOX to mail. Why no action taken and arrested made ? I am pretty sure the PO BOX in under a company or person’s name. Can it not be trace ?

    Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, the letter clearly defines what the payment is for and that they are not a Domain Registry. Our Treasurer did not read it well and sent the payment in.

  10. Thank you for posting. This was sent to the homeless shelter where I work and we almost paid it (staff turnover, etc. led to new staff not even realizing this was NOT our legit vendor).

  11. Thank you so much for your post! I’m covering for our office operations manager while she’s out on maternity and we received this bill in the mail. I almost paid it, but remembered that domains tend to have a lot of fraud associated with them. With a quick google search I found your article and it was very helpful. Thanks again =)

  12. We just received one in the mail today as well! So very glad that someone was gracious enough to post this on the internet to keep the public informed of scams like this. Thank you!! It’s been shredded. 🙂

  13. I just got the letter and invoice today. I knew something was up, when they are not the people who host my domain. It does say right on the letter that you are under no obligation to pay and that its a solicitation.

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  16. We received one today, and received the same letter a year ago. Today’s letter is going to the same shredding box as last years letter

  17. Thank you for the post! I knew we had never paid this company before for our listing so I Googled and your post came up. Received ours 12/3/18 for services for 2019.
    BEWARE for sure! Looks very legit so could pass through and get paid!

  18. Got this letter recently. As I list with HostGator, this was obviously SUSPICIOUS>

  19. Our company received this Jan 2019. Thank you for this post. I’m a little new to the job and was unsure whether it was legit or not.

  20. Our company got one today. I never heard of this company. Thank you for posting this. This is second scam our company has received.

  21. received this yesterday. Never heard of the company so i did not approve the payment. Googled it and the first result came up was “domain-listings.org scam” and here i am. People need better things to do!

    Thanks for posting this online!

  22. We just received this letter today. I knew that this company did not host our website, but a quick google search led me here, so thank you for warning people about this! Anything we can do to shut these people down?

  23. my company received one as well and i was skeptical to pay. I recall communicating with a rep that maintains our domain back in 2018 so i was surprised when this came in. I almost pay but my instinct wanted me to search online. Thank you so much. Shredder here i come!

  24. We received the letter on 2/15/19. Thanks for the information! It saved a lot of time, trying to determine the legitimacy of the letter/invoice.

  25. received same letter 2/19/19.. thanks for posting about this – my husband thought it was legit! makes me sad that a lot of people probably fall for this one.

  26. Just got one of this today – 2-21-19 – Thanks for making the public aware of this…. It looks legit, but I knew I’ve never received an invoice in the past so made me wonder… I searched their “Domain Listings, llc and found your link –

    Thanks again – saved me a lot of digging…

  27. I received a similar notice a few weeks ago and was dubious of it. Your post just confirmed my suspicion.
    Thanks so much!!!

  28. Yep, we just got one too..

    It’s a great scam for the thieves that are send this crap out.

    Note that the Return Address is:

    Domain Listings
    PO BOX 19607
    Las Vegas, NV 89132-0607

    Maybe it’s time we send some ‘crap’ back to them.

  29. Received this trash today. They are still at it. What a low life no good XXXXXX.
    I have been having my website for over 10 years so I didn’t fall for it. It has SCAM written all over it.
    I gave them a piece of my mind.

  30. We received the letter on April 11 and was dated March 8 and it said it was due April 14/19! what a scam! I’m glad I checked before paying to these thieves!

  31. Just received the same letter and am throwing it away. Thank you for providing this valuable information! Thank goodness for the internet!

  32. Embarrassed to say we received 2 different invoices for our main organization and another for a grant-funded part of our organization and paid both without realizing what this was. Is there any way to get a refund? I called the number on the invoice and of course it went right to a machine.

  33. Just received it today. It looked like a scan so I started to search and found your posting. Thank you! Saved me a few hundred dollars!

  34. I just received the bill today, decided to go online and see whats going on. The company that we deal with for our store website is different. Some people will go trough anything to get free money. There is a difference between hard worked money and easy money. Ever heard the saying easy come, easy go!!

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  36. Thanks! I have a client that just received this letter today. I found your article and shared it with her. I also posted a link to your article from my blog.

    Thanks again!

  37. I received one today (June 12, 2019) and discovered this page. Thanks!!! Also note that scammers frequently send email invoices. Several years ago I replied to one that looked official, and paid $80 to renew a website that would have cost me less than $30 to renew through GoDaddy.com.

  38. I just received one as well and it was by mail to our Dubai office. Thank you for this page and for informing everyone that it is a scam.

  39. Thank you for the warning! We just received one at our company today, 6/17/19. I’m surprised these people haven’t been caught yet seeing as how people have been receiving letters since last year.

  40. Received the same “invoice” for the third year in a row. Thank you for sharing this info with those that would have otherwise simply paid it thinking it was a valid invoice. Trash, shred, burn, but don’t pay it!

  41. We have been receiving this “Invoice # 00015508 3X408930 445928 2821848” for several years now. And at another previous employer we also received the same Invoice. So far we I haven’t approved one.. 😀 It always ends up in my corporate mailbox. The funny thing is ALL of the invoice numbers from the past and future are always the same regardless of the company!! Look at your bill, and check the number on your invoice! You think they would at least change the numbers once a year! LOL!! What is depressing is going to the http://www.domain-listing.org site and searching a local city and finding out how many companies have fallen for this scam. Yes, they are making millions!

  42. My organization received the same letter. Even the number on the invoice is the same. What a scam!! Thanks for posting this!

  43. Thank you for this warning. I received this letter today. Such a scam! I also recently received a similar email, not for domain listings but from another group for about $90 saying that our website identification services were running out in 2 weeks. Both scams I have received multiple times.

  44. We received the same thing today, 8/1/2019. Total SCAM! And the envelope came with a stamp that wasn’t sorted by the USPS.

  45. My business just received this exact same scam solicitation. Thankfully I am familiar with a similar scam from “Personel Concepts, INC.” that creates a fake “bill” for keeping your Labor and Industries posters in compliance with the law. These posters are available for free from the state! This Domain Listings is a more clever version because what business owner would want to loose their domain? I noticed it because they did not use domain HOSTING and I had already paid my acutal hosting company 30 days ago. Don’t fall for it!

  46. Pretty sure we have received these before and have filed them in the same location as the trademark registration solicitations we have received ever since we registered our logo as a service mark. However, this time I took the time to go to their website contact link and request that our organizations name be removed from their mailing and contact lists. I noticed in our research that they responded to “scam” claims to the BBB that they are NOT a scam but that the mailing is a “solicitation” for business. Something that is included in the mailing but not at prominent as the payment information. We’ll see what happens.

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