Disclosure 1 – I grew up in New England, so take all opinions with several grains of salt
Disclosure 2 – I recently concluded a TTAB case against the Kraft Group, owners of the Patriots

The New England Patriots unveiled an update to their logo last week. The script has been replaced by more block lettering, and the red white and blue triangular head and hat (sometimes referred to as  the “flying Elvis”) has moved to the below the middle of the wording.

The new logo is an improvement, in my opinion. But I don’t love it. The “flying Elvis” is still hideous and too modern for a team named the “Patriots” that should be steeped in history. The script font never really made sense – it didn’t really fit the football or the patriotic themes. The new font is an improvement but it looks like it has some unnecessary embellishments in the middle of each letter. Perhaps they are meant to convey the laces on a football (which wouldn’t make total sense since the letter curvature makes it appear there is a football below the letters. I do like the angling of the bottom of the letters, which forms the shape of a football’s curve will likely look great on jerseys and apparel.

The New England Patriots unveiled a new, bolder logo. (Photo courtesy of NFL.com)

I’m a much bigger fan of the original Patriot’s logo, nicknamed “Pat Patriot”:


What do you think of the latest tweaks to the Patriots logo?

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