The “Huffington Post” is now officially “HuffPost” and sports a new logo. I’m not a fan of the re-design.

The new logo is an abstract letter “H.” It is perhaps too abstract. Most people wouldn’t realize it is an H. While there is certainly a trend towards smaller simpler sleeker names and designs – driven by increasing mobile and digital renderings of everything – the HuffPost name and logo have gone too far in my opinion.

HuffPost does not sound serious and journalistic. It sounds like a nickname, like any other catchy internet news site made up of two short words – DeadSpin, BuzzFeed, etc.

Work-Order HuffPost Huffington Post

             Mark Image

On the positive side, I do like the light green / aqua color of the new logo. And to their credit, HuffPost filed with the USPTO to register all types of variations on the new name and logo prior to the public unveiling.

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