The USPTO is supposed to be an American symbol and repository of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. But it is now mid-2017 and many functions of the the USPTO website are still not available from a mobile phone. And there is no app, and no app on the horizon to my knowledge. While some main informaiton pagess are mobile-formatted, most of the trademark functional pages – TTABvue, TESS, TSDR, TMEP, and more – are not.

According to the USPTO website, “The USPTO is at the cutting edge of the nation’s technological progress and achievement.”

Really? The USPTO should invest the appropriate resources immediately to create and app and format all of its pages and systems and data for use across all screens. The more people that can use the USPTO systems, and the easier they are to use, the more informed the public will be and the more complete the patent and trademark registers will be. In other words, making the USPTO website and filings available to more people in more ways has a direct impact on the economy and the protection and strength of US intellectual property.

The USPTO did recently unveil to related projects, MyUSPTO and an GitHub app. MyUSPTO requires logins with the USPTO and its functionality is not entirely clear other than aggregating some favorites pages from the USPTO as widgets and storing some serial and registration numbers.

I note that there is some type of an trademark mobile app available via GitHub but it is not a traditional app, it is not in the app stores, and it requires (to my knowledge) unlocking your iPhone and may require technical skills. It is not clear what this app does except perhaps provide TSDR data in a mobile format? See here for details:

United States Patent and Trademark Office

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