Uber last week unveiled a new logo and design package.

Uber's new rider icon (left) and partner icon (right).

The new logo fails for a variety of reasons:

  • There was nothing wrong with the old logo. Perhaps just a splash of color added to it would have been nice, but an overhaul was unnecessary.
  • The new logo doesn’t communication ANYTHING about the services offered
  • The new logo doesn’t even feature a “U.”
  • The new logo doesn’t hearken back to the prior logo in any manner.
  • The main design is apparently a “bit” of information/technology. But Uber helps people in the physical world primarily. Yes, it is an app and technlogy that makes the help possible, but when I think of Uber I think of cars and rides.
  • How is anyone unfamiliar with the brand, upon seeing the logo, supposed to know what business it is for and what they do?

While I dislike the new logo and the decision to change it, there are a few things I do like about it:

  • The background designs are subtle and nice and suggest roads or traffic.
  • Uber Technologies filed multiple trademark application with the USPTO last week for the new designs and logos.

Altogether, the new design seems unneeded and not a good fit for the brand at this time.

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