The following is an edited transcript of my video, 50 Ways to Use Your Trademark.

Clients ask all the time, “Now that I’ve got my trademark protected or registered, how do I use it? Where do I use it?” The answer is relatively straightforward. It’s everywhere, anywhere you want. There are many different places and ways to use your trademarks.

Perhaps you only have one core trademark or perhaps you’re building a portfolio and helping create an entire synthesized brand. Using your trademark in multiple places consistently and in a variety of different manners, but again, consistently in how you use it, is a key tool in helping to strengthen that brand and really help connect and resonate with customers.

This is based on one of my favorite blog posts from many years ago, which is based on one of the great classic rock songs by Paul Simon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. I’ve got 50 Ways to Use Your Trademark. Some of these might not apply to your type of business, but I’m certain that there are a least a dozen or two that might apply to your business. And maybe you’ll spark an idea for how to further use your trademark or trademarks based on these 50 Ways:

You could use it on your website; on your letterhead; on business cards; on note cards or thank you cards; on refrigerator magnets; in your email signature line; on a building sign; on the awning at the front door of a building; in lights. On stickers; on envelopes; on banners at events or conferences; on internet advertisements; product placements in film and television; on your videos; on your Facebook page; on your YouTube banner; on Pinterest; on your Twitter profile page; on welcome mats at the entrance to your office; in connection with your domain name registrations; as an icon for an app; on your LinkedIn profile banner; on promotional shirts or hats; on coffee mugs.

On pens and pencils; on seed packets – this is a fun promotional giveaway that I’ve done over the years. On other promotional products in general; on conference giveaways; on tote bags; by framing your trademark registration certificate and hanging it in the office or on the wall; on invoices; on receipts; on checks or e-checks. On media kits; on folders; in brochures; on travel bag tags.

On a blog page; as a watermark embedded on stationary or photos; in print advertising; embedded in photos that you post on your website or elsewhere so that people know the source of those photos; on the sides of delivery or work trucks; on employee uniforms; on company awards or certificates of achievement; on tattoos (yes, some people actually get tattoos with their business logo on it). Also common are temporary tattoos. On car wraps or truck wraps. My wife’s restaurant, for example, has a delivery catering van that they have wrapped with their logo on the side of it. Finally, in internet keywords; on your website; in the coding to help attract traffic related to your brand.

Those are 50 or more ways that you could use your trademark. There are many other possibilities as well!

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