Nontraditional trademarks are source indicating things that are not words or designs, such as sounds, colors, shapes, mascots, uniforms, packaging, and more.

Nontraditional lawyers are different from traditional law firms. They use technology to provide more efficient services – the internet for research, email for communication, networks for document storage, and online systems for filing. They charge flat fees where possible. They are smaller and nimble. They publish blogs, create apps, and use social media. They understand apps and social media. They build proprietary software for managing dockets and deadlines.

EMP&A is the opposite of a big, dark-paneled, austere law firm. We believe in treating our clients the way they would like to be treated, with personal, efficient and flat fee services.  Our goal is make every step of the process easier and more effective for clients – no matter what the case entails. We are leaders in providing trademark legal services, because of our:

• Person-to-person service

• Flat fees

• Insider experience at USPTO

• Use of technology

• Easy access to the USPTO

• Involvement in industry associations keeping us abreast of current issues

And we have a great deal of experience protecting ‘nontraditional’ trademarks, like the following (click for USPTO records):

  • Trademark image
  •  Mark Image
  • Trademark image
  • Trademark image
  • Trademark image(product label background)

Of course, I filed to register our new slogan, The nontraditional trademark lawyers, with the USPTO last month!

– Erik Pelton®

  Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC®

  The nontraditional trademark lawyers.™

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