Here are few trademarks containing the year “2011″ (click images or trademark names for USPTO records):

  • King James Version (2011) – pending application for “Bibles”
  • – pending application for “Arranging and conducting athletic competitions”
  • 2011 – pending application for “firearms”
  • – pending application for a variety of goods and services
  • – pending application for “Jewelry; Ornamental pins; Pendants; Watches; A series of books, written articles, handouts and worksheets in the field of naval history; Agendas; Albums for naval history; Anniversary books; Announcement cards; Ball point pens; Book marks; Brochures about naval history; Bumper stickers; Business cards; Calendars; Comics; Commemorative books featuring naval history; Decals; Educational books featuring naval history; Event albums; Event programs; General feature magazine in the field of naval history; Inflight magazines; Informational sheets about naval history; Ink pens; Newspapers in the field of naval history; Note pads; Office stationery; Paintings; Paper pennants; Photographs; Postcards; Posters; Printed invitations; Printed news releases in the field of naval history; Printed tickets; Removable tattoos; Souvenir programs concerning naval history; Stickers; Hats; Headwear; Jackets; Shirts; Sweat shirts; Cloth patches for clothing; Novelty buttons” [Note: An extension of time to file an Opposition has been filed by the U.S. Dept. of the Navy]
  • – pending application for “Entertainment, namely, live music concerts and military tributes; educational services, namely, developing, arranging and conducting workshops, programs, and seminars in the fields of history, civics, education, and government; museum services; special event coordination and consultation services; Restaurant and catering services”

  • – pending application for “Educational and entertainment services, namely, providing courses of instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels; educational research; arranging and conducting educational conferences and academic exhibitions; arranging and conducting athletic events, competitions, tournaments, live performances and festivals”
  • – pending application for “Arranging of cruises”
  • – pending application for a very large variety of goods and services [Note: The English translation of “UNIVERSIADE” in the mark is “World University Games”.]
  • – pending application for “Entertainment services in the nature of professional baseball games and exhibitions; Competitions and exhibitions rendered live through broadcast media including television and audio media; Production or radio and television programs featuring baseball games; Organizing exhibitions for baseball purposes; Distribution for others of radio and television programs featuring baseball games”
  • – registered for “Advertising and promotional services; Chamber of commerce services, namely, promoting business and tourism in the Southern/Central California area”
  • and GDL 2011– pending applications for variety of goods and services [Note: Guadalajara is the site for the 2011 Pan American Games]
  • – pending application for “promoting special events for others, namely, promoting an annual arts festival and related events which includes works by local, national and international artists; Entertainment and educational services, namely, organizing and staging an annual arts festival and related special events which includes works by local, national and international artists; entertainment in the nature of live performances by various musicians, visual artists, dance troupes, theater groups and other artists; providing information in the field of art and art exhibitions and theater; providing venues for art exhibitions and theater performances
  • – pending application for “Charms; Lapel pins; Ornamental lapel pins; Pins; Pins being jewelry; Rings” [Note: the application is the subject of an Opposition filed by Omega SA, the watch company]

Some of these are for one time events, some are to commemorate brands or events that have been around a long time. Regardless of how new or how old, how long or how brief, brands are cornerstones to most businesses, and as these 2011 brands demonstrate, should be protected and registered for maximum value.

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