A trademark song or a song trademarked?

Many artists have “trademark” songs – a song for which they are well known and probably must perform in a live show or risk leaving the audience very disappointed. Sinatra had “My Way.”  Billy Joel has “Piano Man.”    Chuck Berry and “Johnny B. Goode.”  Rolling Stones with “Start Me Up.”  Springsteen and “Born to Run.”

But how many songs are actual registered trademarks? One comes to mind immediately.  Recently, Kodak announced it was discontinuing production of Kodachrome® film.  Of course, Paul Simon sang about the film in the 70’s.  After recently reading the announcement from Kodak, I looked up the track listing from Simon.  Paul Simon’s trademark song may be “Graceland” but he has a different song that is an actual trademark.

The Essential Paul Simon track listing

The Essential Paul Simon track listing

All recent uses of the song title include the ® symbol, noting the Kodachrome is a registered trademark belonging to Kodak.  I’m not certain about the original release or whether there was any agreement or dispute with Kodak.  If anyone knows, please email me at emp at tm4smallbiz dot com

I always loved the song, because of its great opening lines:

When I think back
On all the crap I learned in high school
It’s a wonder
I can think at all

A Kodachrome® video:


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