I am posting this from the Acela train between Washington, DC and New York City.  The train has wireless internet (I’m not sure if they all do yet, but I believe most of them do).

The Acela brand name is a great one, in my opinion.  It is a “coined” term as far as I know – a made up word.  These are generally the strongest types of trademarks (think Kodak, eBay, Exxon, Google) and receive the most protection.

The name has a quick flow, much like it should for high speed train.   And it evokes the word “accelerate”.

The logo is nice too.  It apparently was inspired by a turtle image, which a bit odd to connote speed.  Article here.

Wiki about Acela service here.

All in all, the name is unique, it reveals something about the brand – speed – and I love it.  The service is great too!

Lesson: A unique name that tells consumers something about the image and characteristics of the brand is the best kind.

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