“SQUARE” is a growing tool for accepting payment via mobile devices.  Many small business shops use it, via tablets or phones, even if they have a physical location.

For more about Square, see their website at www.squareup.com.

The brand name is terrific. It is simple and easy to remember. It is unique. And it is suggestive of two things:

– settling a transaction, as in, we are “all square” now, and

– the shape of the unit that plugs into the mobile device to process credit card swipes (see picture below)

The logo is a series of squares within a square. It is simple and pleasant. The logo is also the shape of the device — see below.

USPTO Records (click to open in new window):

  • SQUARE (registered)
  • Trademark image(pending application)

In short, the name and the brand are great!

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